Aug 9, 2018
Kids Create Own Beis Hamikdash

Children in Tzivos Hashem Johannesburg came up with many creative ideas for creating their own model Beis Hamikdosh for an exhibition.

If you wanted to design your own Beis Hamikdash model from scratch using any type of materials, what would you do?

Well, the children in Tzivos Hashem Johannesburg came up with some very creative ideas! They used, lego, cookies, cake, cardboard, styrofoam, straws, and prestik. You name it, and it was on display at the grand exhibition, presented at the Torah Academy school.

The children were provided with general instructions, and they were then free to choose their own style and designs.

They worked with their parents and some even with their grandparents, and they came up with the most incredible, beautiful models.

Rabbi Zevi and Devorah Leah Wineberg, directors of Tzivos Hashem oversaw the projects.

"It was amazing to see how invested the children were in this project," explained Devorah Leah Wineberg. "Many of the children spent days preparing their models, researching about the Beis Hamikdash, and included fine details. For many it was a family learning experience!"

Aviva Fox, a parent of two Tzivos Hashem soldiers, shared her feedback on the project. "I really enjoyed the opportunity to do something educational and constructive with my kids, it was a great family bonding process," Fox said.

The models went on display and were viewed by the parents and community.
“It truly gave a sense of anticipation for the Geula to all those who participated!" Rabbi Zevi Wineberg added.

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amazing Winebergs
(8/9/2018 9:03:55 AM)
love love love
you guys did amazing work
moshiach NOW
(8/9/2018 9:26:16 AM)
Huge fan!
Zevi wineberg rocking the house again. Amazing stuff
(8/10/2018 4:27:29 AM)
Beis Hamikdosh
Exceptional! Ready for Moshiach!
(8/10/2018 6:02:52 AM)
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