Jul 9, 2018
Tanya Printed in Hippie Birthplace

Lubavitcher Sholom Elharar printed a Tanya in the birthplace of the hippie movement of San Francisco in the merit of his wife.

R' Sholom Elharar, a member of Anash in Los Angeles, printed an edition of the Alter Rebbe's Tanya in Haight-Ashbury, a district of San Francisco, California, known as the birthplace of hippie counterculture.

Years ago, Elharar traveled around cities and towns in Morocco to print editions of the Tanya in a total of 38 locations, as part of the global effort to bring the light of chassidus to every corner of the world.

For this new printing, he collaborated with Rabbi Nosson Potash, Director of Chabad of Cole Valley located there and has been serving the Jewish people living in the area.

"To my knowledge, a Tanya has never before been printed in this neighborhood," Rabbi Potash said about the printing that took place on Erev Shabbos Parshas Pinchas.

Elharar dedicated the edition to the merit of a speedy recovery for his wife, Milka Yehudis bas Simcha Chaya who recently underwent a procedure in UCSF hospital in San Francisco.

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Photo by Daniel Schwen
Photo by Daniel Schwen

Opinions and Comments
Esther(benarroch) Michael and Yitzchok
Shalom we are davening for Milca. May she have a refua sheleima kroiva. A yasher koiach in everything you do.
(7/9/2018 11:00:26 PM)
Rabbi Potash
Rabbi Potash is an amazing shaliach transforming s. fran.. in so many ways.
He and wonderful wife, the energetic shlucha Chaya are doing gevaldigeh mofsim in Northern California.
His saintly father in law -is the world renowned Scholar and Chassid-Mystic -Rabbi Aron Hecht.
Together they continue the fight for truth and justice Al Pi Torah in the worst of gashmius entrenched liberal yidden enclaves...
Reb Shalom Elharar is a sefardic mekubal who is dedicated to the Rebbes Inyanim In Los Angles.
May his wife have a refuah sheliamah ukroivah!
(7/9/2018 11:23:58 PM)
beautiful!! very nice! she should have speedy recovery!
(7/10/2018 12:33:41 AM)
Shalom Elharrar
A fellow anash community member. A true chossid.
Someone that really follows the Rebbe’s horaos!
With this, his wife will have a speedy recovery with the geula amitis vhashlemoh amein!
(7/10/2018 1:08:46 AM)
refua shelaima
(7/10/2018 3:10:59 AM)
Can I possibly get a copy?
Can I possibly get a copy? Who should I contact?
(7/10/2018 6:30:01 AM)
Shalom Elharrar is a REAL chossid!
Wow he never skips a beat, always doing what the Rebbe wants!
May his wife have a miraculous recovery!
(7/10/2018 12:10:42 PM)
Peretz and Allona
This is amazing!
(7/10/2018 12:31:11 PM)
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