Jul 9, 2018
Shatnez Expert Shares Useful Tips

Rabbi Yaakov Gurwitz of Jerusalem, an expert on Shatnez, spoke to Online Smicha on what to watch out in all our clothing.

Rabbi Gurwitz can be reached at rygur38@gmail.com

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observer from london uk
fascinating! We really must not take anything for granted or face value when it comes to this precious mitzva.
Question. May women qualify to test garments for shatnez?
(7/9/2018 4:34:12 PM)
Interesting history and relevance Shatnez
This video sparked my interest in Shatnez
(7/9/2018 5:11:12 PM)
very informative
never thought of checking all suits
(7/9/2018 7:35:17 PM)
Thank you
Thank you, Rabbi Gurwitz, for your talk on Shatnez. What a great Mitzvah you are doing making people aware of the laws of Shatnez!!!
(7/9/2018 7:51:03 PM)
Yashar Koach!
Ty so much for posting this
(7/9/2018 8:00:50 PM)
Yankel Todres

Wow, he's fantastic. He wasn't given enough time though. Does he have more lectures (videos) available on the web, or on You Tube?

It may not even be permissible to even try on such clothing to see if it fits! He mentions Hugo Boss suits specifically as having a 90% likelihood of containing Shatnez, a Frum person shouldn't even try on such a suit!
(7/9/2018 8:50:41 PM)
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