Jun 13, 2018
New Preschool 'Starts With Heart'

Joining the new ULYOP, passionate educators Yael Brummel and Malky Borenstein aim to build “one child, one action, one interaction at a time.”

With the record growth of the Crown Heights community, two early childhood educators are bringing their experience and enthusiasm to launch a wholehearted new preschool for boys.

“Our vision is to create a culture of total caring,” says Morah Malky Borenstein, passionate teacher and early childhood advocate for over ten years. She has joined Morah Yael Brummel to launch the preschool division at the new ULY Ocean Parkway.

Drawing on the best of their combined experience, the preschool philosophy begins with viewing each child as a whole person whose sense of safety, connection and importance are paramount.

With her master’s in special and general education, Morah Yael applied this “culture of caring” approach as a SEIT and teacher. Now, after three years as preschool director at ULY on Crown Street, she sees the opportunity to teach it as an all-embracing worldview.

“When a child is immersed in an atmosphere of care and connection, when it’s modeled everywhere he turns—whether by teachers or maintenance staff, parents or peers—he is naturally open to connecting,” she says. “He can now experience the excitement of Yiddishkeit, develop a love of learning and gain instinctive Middos Tovos to accompany him for life.”

For its inaugural year, the new ULYOP preschool will open with one class for boys born in 2014. Enrollment is almost full, with a few spots still available.

The early childhood program is the latest milestone in a historic transformation underway at ULY Ocean Parkway. Guided by mashpiim and mechanchim, parents and philanthropists, the Yeshiva founded by the Frierdiker Rebbe is completing its first year under the rallying banner of “Intentional Chinuch.”

Significant milestones to date include new and newly-trained Mechanchim, all-new curricula and renovated and refreshed facilities. These achievements continue to attract a devoted community of Crown Heights Anash families, who are now the primary parent body of the school.

Parents interested in this intentional, holistic approach to Chassidishe Chinuch are encouraged to visit ULYOP.com to read more and apply.

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