Jun 12, 2018
Call to Help Revitalize 770 Yeshiva

Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva - Tomchei Temimim - 770 has recently undergone a revitalization, and they are holding a fundraising campaign for the next 48 hours.

Something wonderful is taking place in Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva - Tomchei Temimim - in 770, where each year hundreds of temimim from Eretz Hakodesh flock to spend their “Kvutza” year. Far-reaching changes began taking place in recent months, beginning at the start of this year. A trend of revitalization and improvement can be felt.

A gathering took place at the beginning of Cheshvan, led by the esteemed chozer and mashpia Rabbi Yoel Kahan. Rabbi Kahan informed the bochurim that the faculty of the Yeshiva had been expanded with the addition of three new mashpiim. They were selected from among the ranks of the elite yungerleit of the community: Rabbi Shlomo Kaplan, Rabbi Shmuel Avtzon, and Rabbi Yisroel Noach Raichik, who join Rabbi Kahan and the other mashpiim in the Yeshiva.

As per the Rebbe’s request, weekly tests have been taking place throughout the winter months, covering the Gemora studied in-depth. On Thursday afternoons, the dining hall filled with hundreds of bochurim studiously completing their tests.

The material side of the Yeshiva has also recently been enhanced; the legendary dining hall at 1414 President Street was renovated and modernized recently, in a total makeover.

Now you can partner with the Yeshiva in the continuing revitalization! For the next 48 hours, Central Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim is launching a far-reaching campaign. Every donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, by friends of the Yeshiva. It’s all or nothing; if the goal is not met, donations will not be processed.

You can be a part of the revitalization!

Click here to help now!

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