Apr 26, 2018
L'Chaim: Eisenbach - Weiss

The L'Chaim of Mendel Eisenbach of Kfar Chabad, Israel and Brocha Weiss of Manchester, England took place at Lubavitch Yeshiva Hall in Crown Heights.

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What an evening!
Mazal Tov Brocha and Mendel. What an amazing evening. A room full of joy. Wishing you all the brochos.
(4/26/2018 10:32:03 AM)
Mazal Tov
Mazal Tov Bracha and Mendle.

May you have much mazal and bracha and build a Yidiishe , chasidishe life together.

So happy for you.

Rechy Paltiel
(4/27/2018 11:21:31 AM)
Triple Mazal Tov
to Rabbi Sholom Weiss for this Simcha
for an aynikel birth in Melbourne
for an aynikel engagement from Melbourne
wishing you and the gantzer mishpocho only nachas begu"r
(4/29/2018 6:09:11 AM)
דוד מאיר
מזל"ט מזל"ט מעןמקא דליבא מאחלים הדרוקמנים וסניפיהם. בכל מרחבי תבל
(4/29/2018 4:42:27 PM)
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