Apr 16, 2018
Coffee With Miryam: Don't Be Blind

Web series with acclaimed educator Miryam Swerdlov blending Chassidus and humor. This week: Give Somebody a Flower.

Acclaimed speaker and mechaneches, Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov is going the distance in a new video series: Coffee With Miryam.

At any convenient hour, enter a Crown Street kitchen and leave uplifted from the sweet blend of Chassidus and humor. From the comfort of your home join conversations on topics that are relevant to all yidden across the spectrum.

Ranging from cheesecake to teshuva and everything in between. This bi-weekly video series will empower you, leaving you energized with a brew of relevance and humor, enveloped in the aroma of Torah.

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Opinions and Comments
this was truly beautiful
thank you!
(4/16/2018 10:13:04 AM)
Amazing as always and inspiring.
(4/16/2018 10:24:25 AM)
Thank You
Dear Miryam,
Thank you. You always impart such amazing insights. You manage to cut to the core of things, to get us to put things in proper perspective. You uplift and inspire us.
Zei Gezunt
Jane in Vernon Hills Illinois
(4/16/2018 10:36:22 AM)
Best teacher ever!
(4/16/2018 4:42:05 PM)
Thank you
Is that Sara Brafman from Morristown?
Thank you so much really what I needed to hear! And thank you Morah Swerdlov for your great presentation
Keep them coming!!!!
(4/16/2018 5:21:02 PM)
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