Apr 15, 2018
Machon Alte Opens for Post Sem

Machon Alte's IsraelLearn offers post-seminary girls a 3-week holistic summer program of learning and traveling in the holy land.

Whether you are on shlichus or part of the workforce, in college, helping out at home or just taking a break, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to recharge in the safe haven of a seminary setting in the holy city of Tzfat at Machon Alte’s IsraelLearn Program!

IsraelLearn is a unique, 3-week holistic summer program (15 Tammuz- 6 Av) that provides food for the soul while nurturing the body. Ensconced in the holy and historical city of Tzfat, the girls will be able to deepen their knowledge in core Jewish subjects as well as strengthen their understanding of already acquired Torah knowledge thus far in addition to trekking the holy land!

At IsraelLearn the girls will delve into the depths of Torah lead by resident in scholar, Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg renowned Educator, Mashpia and Rosh Yeshiva from Tomchei Tmimim Chicago alongside with his wife, Mrs. Hindy Silberberg. The program recruits a powerful team of teachers as well including Director and Rosh Yeshiva of Machon Alte, Rabbi Rosenfeld, Shlucha and Educator, Mrs. Rivky Kaplan and Director of Yeshivas Tememi Darech, Rabbi Pasternak to name a few...

A balanced program, IsraelLearn incorporates an array of exciting adventures into its schedule including a Shabbaton in Jerusalem, a tour of Gush Etzion and Chevron as well as a handful of day trips with lots of extreme fun from adventurous day hikes to jeeping in the North! In addition, girls will also experience the satisfaction of making new and lasting friendships as well as creating solid connections.

Rachelli, one of the 25 participants from last year said about the program:

“This past summer I had the great opportunity of being a part of Israelearn! It was the perfect mix of enjoyable, meaningful learning and experiencing Israel as a whole! Being in Tzfat is definitely a highlight and I would 100% recommend it to any girl Post Sem who is looking to spend their summer in the best way possible!” (Rachelli Shatnani)

Entering its 8th year, IsraelLearn is an ideal opportunity for post seminary girls to realign themselves spiritually, nourish themselves physically, challenge themselves mentally and flourish emotionally all within the framework of Torah. IsraelLearn is the perfect program for the post sem girl looking for that recharge bound to leave her renewed and empowered ready for the next step in journey called life…

“It was amazing to be in a learning program that spilled over throughout the rest of the year.” (Chaya)

What are you waiting for? Join IsraelLearn (June 28th- July 18th, 15 Tammuz- 6 Av) today!

For more information contact Program Director, Mrs. Chana Traxler at + 972-52-421-4770 or email israelearn@machonalte.com. Group rates and early bird discount available.

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Opinions and Comments
Go for it!
All are amazingly caring smart people
(4/15/2018 2:31:44 PM)
Amazing program!!!
I highly recommend!
(4/15/2018 3:15:13 PM)
Yes amazing experience! Amazing program!
An experience you will never forget! I enjoyed every minute of it!
(4/15/2018 4:30:05 PM)
Go for it!!
It was incredible- i really gained so much from it more than a year in sem
(4/15/2018 11:06:31 PM)
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