Apr 15, 2018
Event Planning More Than Design
Photos by Shimi Kutner, Benams, Chana Blumes

From the Gegent: "There's no computer program to do this;" event planner and floral designer Chani Greenbaum says there's more to planning events than meets the eye.

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Photos by Shimi Kutner, Benams, Chana Blumes

Chani Greenbaum is the first one to admit that she was never the "domestic Goddess" type. "I was never very domesticated," she says. "I wasn't the one planning exquisite and delectable dinner parties or anything like that."

But here she is today as one of the busiest event planners and floral designers based out of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, with her reach far beyond.

It started while she was working for Rashi Minkowicz OBM at Chabad in Alpharetta, GA, and later, Shternie Raskin at Chabad of Brooklyn Heights, when she discovered she had a knack for throwing great events.

"I was asked to organize a Challah Bake event in Brooklyn Heights, and it ended up being really beautiful. I just put it all together, and somehow it worked," says the South African native.

After months of organizing events for Chabad which were received with much excitement, she knew she had to take the plunge. She had a conversation with her father-in-law, Crown Heights businessman Yossi Greenbaum, about opening a business.

"Soon after, my brother-in-law got engaged, and my father-in-law told me to go ahead and plan the engagement party. He had the confidence in me, that I could put on an event for 400 people," she recalls - and so she did.

The vivacious 30-year-old businesswoman and mother of two now runs a flourishing event planning business, directing a full staff and organizing hundreds of events each year in the Tri-State area, sometimes 3 in one day, back to back.

Yet even with her growing clientele, Greenbaum always remembers the early days when she was trying to make it in the business, relying on word of mouth and social media to spread the word about her work.

"My first full-scale event was for my friend's father's 60th birthday party. I bought my first candelabras and went to the market to buy flowers. I had no staff, so my mom and my cleaning lady pitched in to help me make the flower arrangements. It was from Hashem, that somehow, I just knew how to make them, and everything came together," she says.

As her clientele grew, she was being called upon for events more and more often. With each event, she was able to buy more and more props, which piled into her playroom, and then spilled out into her building's boiler room and storage rooms.

And when she was hired to do events or design something that she had never done before, she says, she just "did the research, and figured it out."

"I believe in never saying no to a client," she says. "My motto is to always say 'yes' to a request - and work it out later. 'No' is not an option. There are always ways to overcome a challenge. It just takes work."

What started as a part-time gig, soon grew into full-time work. "Quitting my day job was a little scary for me. But I am very driven to succeed, and I realized, I couldn't let fear hold me back," Greenbaum says.

She soon became a popular coordinator of both large and small events, from intimate corporate parties to huge weddings.

"All our parties are equally important, created with attention to detail," she says. "I want people to know that it's not about spending a lot of money, it's about creating elegance and beauty within the budget we are given."

Adding to her busy schedule, Greenbaum also started offering flowers for Shabbos every Friday. People order via email, and she delivers fresh, exquisite bouquets to their homes, priced $35 and up. They will be doing the same for Shavuos as well.

With all this on her plate, the busy wife and mother admits that the business is by nature one which comes with a lot of pressure, "but I thrive on pressure, especially working with nice people," Greenbaum notes. "I love when people are happy, That's what I love most about what I do. My goal is to make every client feel special and make sure their day is perfect."

Greenbaum says she's learned from her mistakes as well.

"I had one party that didn't work out as I planned, and the customer wasn't entirely happy. I didn't charge them enough to pay for what they expected it to be," she recalls. "But I did learn a lot from the experience. It was the best thing that could've happened to me because I learned many lessons about communication, price and expectation, and it pushed me to do even better."

Greenbaum prides herself on her events not only reflecting elegance and beauty, but the taste of the host as well.

"I really have to tap into people, into their personalities and what they love," she says. "During the planning, I ask them to send me tons of pictures, because at the end of the day, the event has to reflect them, and not me. I spend a lot of time talking to clients to get a feel of what they are all about in order to reflect that in their event.

"It really just has to have that human element," she says. "There's no computer program to do this. We have to put in a lot of effort to make each event come together."

Another thing she's discovered while in the business is how much kindness is done every day in the Crown Heights community.

"So many people volunteer and work in this underground network of Chesed, quietly helping others," she says. "I work on many small events where I get to see all the chesed being done, such as Esty Lebovic of Bikur Cholim, Lubavitch Yeshiva auction volunteers, Berel Majesky of the Freindship Circle, Devorah Benjamin of KSCVK, and the Bais Rivkah board members. These are all people who spend their time helping others, and I get to see it up close. It is so inspiring."

Her success has taught her most about being grateful for the faith and support she received from friends, family, customers, and even strangers.

"I have been the recipient of so many kind people who have recommended me and shared my social media posts, my 'cheerleaders' who have supported me for a few years now," she says.

"It's truly amazing to see how much positive energy can accomplish, and how it has made so much of a difference to me. People should realize how far a kind word about someone else can go."

Chani Greenbaum events
Phone: 718 484-1952
Email: Info@chanigreenbaum.com
Instagram @chanigreenbaumevents
Facebook @chanigreenbaumevents


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Opinions and Comments
Ch resident
Chani is so great to work with. was very pleased with her work made our lechaim beautiful.
(4/15/2018 6:05:14 PM)
she always throws wonderful events! my son's bar mitzvah was stunning!
(4/15/2018 6:07:16 PM)
A huge admirer
Chani is pure talent, vision and creative genius! She also gives a tremendous amount of her time and resources to helping many community organizations! Wishing her much continued success!
(4/15/2018 6:14:17 PM)
Mrs. Sury Ciment
Chani is not only super talented - she is kind and gracious as well!!
(4/15/2018 6:25:53 PM)
Not just a party planner!
Chani is super talented and has been a pleasure to work with. She goes above and beyond and gets the job done! She somehow knows how to take these dreamy expectations and turn them into reality!
(4/15/2018 6:48:36 PM)
All of the creations pictured are truly breathtaking! Glad to hear Chani's got a beautiful personality to go along with the talent..
What a blessing - that your livelihood comes from something you actually love doing and do so well. Continued success b'gashmius v'ruchnius.
(4/15/2018 7:26:00 PM)
Best event planner!!
Chani is phenomenal and adds her personal touch to everything she does. She truly stops at nothing to make sure her clients are happy! Highly recommended
(4/15/2018 7:32:22 PM)
Brazilian customer
I made my sons wedding in Crown Heights from Brazil, arranged everything through WhatsApp and she totally understood my vision and did an amazing job, making it a pleasure to work with her. Chani had no problem redoing the Kallah’s bouquet until it was just right. Highly recommend her for all your Simchas.
(4/15/2018 8:14:06 PM)
She did our son's lchaim in C. H.and did a stupendous job!
We are most grateful!
(4/15/2018 8:38:26 PM)
An amazing party planner
I have seen Chani set up numerous events and cannot wait to use her myself, imy"H. She and her mother are darling people!
(4/15/2018 8:50:50 PM)
Chanie Greenbaum has an amazing touch to do beautiful events. Her amazing and exquisite props does it all.
(4/15/2018 9:57:33 PM)
Well done Chani so proud of you and your success such a nachas. Wow amazing keep up the good work. Sending love
(4/15/2018 10:04:14 PM)
Best part is that Chani has fantastic customer service, always available. And her team is amazing
(4/16/2018 11:14:18 AM)
no budget is to small
the nicest thing about chany is that she treats you so well!!
no matter how little you spend
(4/16/2018 11:40:08 AM)
So proud of Chani our neighbour in Johannesburg wow Crown Heights' gain! Yasher Koach to her beautiful family too always
helping at simchas, Your talent is BH amazing. May you continue with an abundance of hatzlocha
(4/16/2018 11:42:59 AM)
go Chani!
She does an awesome job! keep up the amazing work.
(4/16/2018 12:36:20 PM)
Keep up the wonderful work
(4/20/2018 6:23:58 AM)
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