Apr 14, 2018
Richardson Says Quote is False

Assemblywoman Diane Richardson denies making a snide comment about Jews and community activists are vouching for her.

By COLlive reporter

New York Assemblywoman Diana Richardson, who represents the 43rd Assembly District in Brooklyn which includes Crown Heights, was quoted as faulting Jews for gentrifying in her district.

Lew Fidler, an associate of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, said Richardson made the comment during a meeting of Community Board 17.

But board chair Barrington Barrett, who was also present at the meeting, said he heard the term "Jewish people" uttered during a discussion of gentrification, but not by Richardson.

Richardson has now issued a public statement on the matter:

"Over the past few years, it has been an honor to serve a community which surpasses every creed, color, and religion. As a descendant of immigrant parents, I understand the unique plight minority groups may experience.

"As a public servant to a district that serves as a cultural melting pot, I have had the opportunity to work with an esteemed group of rabbis, pastors and community leaders. It has come to my attention that in a conversation about gentrification, the New York Post stated that I said, "It must be Jewish people."

"I did not make these remarks; these allegations are false. As a passionate leader who values individuals on a human level, I condemn hate, anti-Semitism and racism.

"I will continue to stand with each and every family, group, and leader that I represent. I am humbled by the support of the following community leaders, who truly understand my heart for tolerance, inclusivity and togetherness."

2 activists in the Jewish community in Crown Heights seemed to accept her denial, attaching their names to her statement.

"It seemed clear to me from the reports that it was not the assembly member who made the offensive comment. I accept her clear denial," said Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC).

Yaacov Behrman, founder of the Jewish Future Alliance, said: "I believe that the New York Post reported #fakenews. Assemblymember Diana Richardson has always been a friend to our community. She has stated publicly on multiple occasions that gentrification is about economics not race."

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Opinions and Comments
No words to describe how much I don't trust any of the above...
(4/14/2018 8:01:31 PM)
A week late
So it seems everyone agrees the comments were made. So who actually said it?
(4/14/2018 8:07:47 PM)
Reply to number one
The fact that they are denying tells me that in all likelyhood she did say it
(4/14/2018 8:11:25 PM)
Also #boringnews
(4/14/2018 8:25:00 PM)
As a good politician she is saying: I didnít say that I said that,I said that I didnít say that I didnít say it!
(4/14/2018 8:29:22 PM)
She regularly excludes frrum Jews from her events....
...by scheduling them for Shabbos!

I live in her district, and it has happened on numerous occasions that she has scheduled various events for her constituents, including an annual summer family recreational event, on Shabbos. There was another recent event also scheduled by her on Shabbos, that surely her office could have scheduled at a time that could have included her frum constituents.

To be fair, SOME (but not all!) other governmental representatives have done this kind of insensitive scheduling as well, from time to time.

But not as frequently as Ms. Richardson does.

OR they choose to give the event at a church (and not in the church basement as is done for voting, but in the main sanctuary of the church).

I really don't fathom how it is that these representatives feel so free to so blatantly do this -- in this day and age of being supposedly respectful, no less!

I guess she figures that we are too small of a voting bloc to bother with. But that makes it worse, in a way, because it exposes her for who she really IS!

It's one thing to CLAIM, as she says above to be sensitive to minorities, and it's quite another to clearly ACT otherwise than how one claims!

PS: I receive mailings of newsletters (A.K.A. the "franking privilege") from various non-Jewish state representatives, which show the representatives at various community events. Seldom are Lubavitchers depicted in these newsletters, and when they are, it's usually the Jews who are employed by these representatives as liaisons, etc. There's one representative whom, I'll bet, if we asked what they had to say about, say, Beth Rivkah or Hadar Hatorah or Simchas Beis HaShoeivah or Lag BaOmer, they wouldn't even know what these terms mean!!!!! I'd love to hear them mumble and bluff in response one day, at some press conference or other.....
(4/14/2018 9:18:25 PM)
Jewish Defenders
Why does it seem that every time these politicians make remarks and do things that are explicitly anti semitic. The usual Jewish defenders pop up and guard them. Hmmm. Kudos btw for the Jewish Press this week calling for her resignation.
(4/15/2018 12:02:58 AM)
ďBitachonĒ Frum Defense
to 7 Jewish Defenders - nice name
(4/15/2018 1:57:09 AM)
Always the same
Yes let's trust the POLOTICIANS and their lackeys e.g. Cohen and behrmam and not the guy who was actually there at the event. And as #7 said we can always trust Jews to mess over other Jews
(4/15/2018 8:31:56 AM)
I cannot take her word that she simply did not say those comments. I think someone needs to speak with several of the attendees at the meeting and verify who made the statement. If in fact she did say these comments then she needs to be brought to the Jewish community town hall meeting and explain why she did say it. The Jewish community cannot afford to have their representatives harbor such feelings about its own community, and even worse, the Jewish community cannot be seen allowing such comments go unchecked.
(4/15/2018 9:40:38 AM)
As long as we - as a community - literally give away our political power by not voting we have no right to complain about who represents us. Hundreds of people here (including girls & bochurim who could vote on absentee ballots) are not even registered. Other Jewish communities have voter registration drives & offer transportation to the polling places & it pays off in real influence & wins in elections. Why canít we get with the program ??
(4/15/2018 12:14:39 PM)
Answering to the "Jewish Community" is insufficient
A remark like this, while mentioning Jews, is offensive to more than just the Jewish community.

This representative, or any public official alleged to have talked like this, is answerable to the public in general.

Her district include many righteous gentiles as well, who do not want this kind of "representation."

Therefore, her response should NOT only be to the Jewish community.
(4/15/2018 2:24:03 PM)
Something Smells Bad
Are they saying Lew Fidler lied? Why would he do that especially when he works for Eric Adams??!!
(4/15/2018 5:29:42 PM)
Building bridges, moving forward
Lets say for arguments sake she did say what is being alleged. I am not understanding how it is helpful to keep picking this apart and go on and on. Frankly as a result of several ethnic groups of people from inside and outside this neighborhood,, the houses here and other neighborhoods close by are totally out of reach for everyone except those on the top 10%. That being said, she did say in a statement that she did not say what was alleged and having met her on several occasions I can testify that she is a genuine and caring person who is available to help those who reach out for help and services at her office.
If you still want to go on that you don't believe her and take the low road feel free, but going forward she is still our Assembly Member and i for one believe in building bridges so that we can work and live together in Shalom.
Over 25 years ago, this neighborhood was in a turmoil and the only way we can continue to live together, despite our differences and in-spite of prejudice on BOTH sides is to work together for the greater good which our leaders and members of Project Care have done so tirelessly.
Call this comment what you will; its very easy to throw stones. Having lived through 91' I believe that overlooking a comment that might have been said and might have been 'inappropriate, and working with and dialogue with people that are our Electeds as well as Civic groups such as the 71st Precinct Community Council and Community Board 9, will go will in the end be much more beneficial for the sake of Shalom of our community which meets the 3rd Thursday and the 4th Tuesday at the middle school across from the precinct.
This is your community, get involved, learn about the issues and who is doing what in the community. You can make a difference
(4/15/2018 10:33:42 PM)
What is the truth she does feel that gentrification is caused by Jews or economics to put this .upon one particular group just bad
(4/16/2018 10:04:22 AM)
What i cannot stand is the Assembly Richardson's not being able to say i am sorry for what she said, and STOP HER LYING. She did made the statement according to other people who were there. She asked her crony Chairman Barrington aka chairman Mao to turn the microphone on. This was deliberate, and she knows that she did made the statement. What caught her, was she did not know that Mr. Fidler was there.
So she then try to make numerous calls, asking for people to make statement to her character. It is time for her to go and she call up her cronies to try help her out.
Mr. Fidler a respected leader in the community, stands by his statement and so do many of those non-Jewish in the audience. Some even said that they will never trust the Assembly Member again. She is incapable to telling the truth.
(4/22/2018 8:34:57 PM)
Possibly a pathological liar,
can do so completely calm, composed, with a straight face or even a fake smile.
(4/24/2018 10:43:01 PM)
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