Apr 15, 2018
L'Chaim: Khazanovich - Bass
Photos: Sholem Srugo/COLlive

The L'Chaim of Leibel Khazanovich of Sharon, MA / Miami and Devory Bass of Postville, IA took place at FREE Shul in Crown Heights.

Photos: Sholem Srugo/COLlive

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Mazel Tov!
The Jacobs, Pittsburgh Pa
(4/15/2018 9:58:30 AM)
Mazal Tov!!!
Wishing choson and kallah much happiness and binyan adai ad
(4/15/2018 12:23:51 PM)
mazel tov!!!!
to the Bas family from Postville, such a special and good family!
(4/16/2018 10:50:30 PM)
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