Apr 10, 2018
Delta Served Kosher, But Chometz

A Chabad bochur traveling to New York during Pesach was served a kosher meal. The only problem: It wasn't kosher for Pesach.

By COLlive reporter

Kosher 101!

A Chabad yeshiva student took a Delta flight from Venice, Italy, to New York City during Chol Hamoed Pesach after concluding his Merkos Shlichus mission to organize a communal Seder.

When booking the ticket, he made sure to indicate that he is requesting the kosher meal option that is widely available on international flights.

During meal while airborne, the Jewish passenger indeed received a packaged kosher meal prepared by Stogel Kosher Catering in Antwerp, Belgium, with the certification of "Machzike Hadas."

The only problem? It wasn't Kosher L'Pesach.

The meal was comprised of a bread roll, cake, turkey schnitzel made with bread crumbs, pasta with peas and carrots - ingredients that are forbidden for consumption during the 8-day holiday.

This was given to him despite the fact that it was clearly written in bold letters on the package "Not For Passover Use," according to a report on website ch10.co.il.

When he spoke with Delta Customer Service after landing, they offered him the standard $100 compensation for a passenger who ordered a meal but did not receive it.

"They didn't understand what is the problem and couldn't explain how the error happened," he said. "But I felt that this isn't about compensation but the lack of attention. It is doubtful whether they would have a similar attitude to those eating Halal or vegan..."

Delta has not responded to a request for comment.

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Opinions and Comments
2 questions (not 4)
Who says delta is required to serve kosher for Pesach?
Also why is he eating processed food during Pesach?
(4/10/2018 7:27:00 PM)
Oh please
"is doubtful whether they would have a similar attitude to those eating Halal or vegan"

Give me a break! Everyone always wants to milk airlines for money these days. Offering $100 is more than enough. What more does he want? As a side note, I don't understand why people still rely on airline meals. Just bring your own food...
(4/10/2018 7:28:43 PM)
Issue for hospital and plane food
As a physician I have seen kosher meat meals served with dairy butter or dairy creamer in many of the hospital I have worked in. No one is watching the till or explaining to dietary department what the deal is with mixing meat and milk. Not shocked at all that this bochur got chometz on Pesach on a flight. Once the contract with the kosher food distributer they do not care. Change must occur and I am glad you posted.
I go out of my way to get kosher meals for the not yet frum patient of mine and they wind up doing an issur.
(4/10/2018 7:29:39 PM)
chometz free
do they even have such a think as chometz free plane food?
(4/10/2018 7:32:06 PM)
not for passover use
what would u expect they should serve?
(4/10/2018 7:35:11 PM)
Stop the whining
(4/10/2018 8:12:22 PM)
Airlines do have kosher lepesach food this is a real issue. Imagine for that person who doesn't know better it just didn't think to look before opening his food...
This is also an issue of outside chometz on pesach. You can't even accept such a package
(4/10/2018 8:12:50 PM)
similar story
This reminds me of a story that happened over 40 years ago. My father, Rabbi Avrohom Korf and another shliach in Florida, Rabbi Yosi Biston, were traveling by plane together on Chol Hamoed Pesach. A woman on the plane was served a kosher meal, but it was NOT kosher l'pesach. She was very upset and was letting the stewardess know it. The harried stewardess saw 2 Rabbis and she quickly came over to them. "Rabbis, please bless this meal so that it can be used for Passover! Then the lady down the aisle will be able to eat it!!!!" They explained that that was not possible, but offered the Jewish lady to share with them what they had brought along! She was happy to partake in their simple pesachdike food. A shliach never knows what he'll be called upon to do!
(4/10/2018 8:20:44 PM)
i went on delta right after pesach and they gave me matza!
(4/10/2018 8:23:24 PM)
I do not know halacha
But I would think he would have had to do Buiur Chometz once he landed as once he took it or it was placed on his seat table it becomes his
(4/10/2018 8:25:26 PM)
The correct answer
In a perfect world they would have given him shmurah matzah, nuts (with nutcracker) fresh fruit (with peeler), but unfortunately moshiach has not yet arrived.
(4/10/2018 8:27:49 PM)
To #1
There is nothing wrong with eating processed food on pesach.

(side point technically matzah is also processed...)
(4/10/2018 8:27:50 PM)
I had the opposite
Funny, I traveled to Paris and back the weekend of Lag B'Omer and was served Kosher L'Pesach meals both ways.
(4/10/2018 8:36:52 PM)
kosher for passover
I have flu before on pesach and I DID get kosher for passover
(4/10/2018 8:37:01 PM)
Really should have brought
some of your own food. Many people don't trust practically anyone else's food on Pesach let alone airline fare. As a Bochur on Merkos schlichus I'm surprised at you really!
(4/10/2018 8:54:48 PM)
Did he have to burn it?
Was it considered his?
(4/10/2018 8:56:15 PM)
everyone knows not to rely on airline meals EVER, and forsure not on Pesach.
(4/10/2018 9:14:35 PM)
What do I hear this is crazy, from when do you have to bring your own food on flights, Iím not picky and I eat anything that is served to me so I would have no problem eating what they gave me if it wasnít PESACH so how much more so when Iím flying on chol hamoed and they are serving me food if it was kosher for PESACH I would have ate it Bc I can eat processed food... so plz why are you surprised on the Bochur he wanted to eat the meal but itís rude it wasnít kosher for Passover
(4/10/2018 9:48:11 PM)
to #1
There is no problem with processed food
everyone has their own chumrus
(4/10/2018 9:49:35 PM)
Say so
If he did not even indicate "kosher for Passover", why would they be expected to automatically provide it? They are not El Al! Halal and vegan are what they say. Kosher I'd kosher, not necessarily kosher for Passover. It sounds like the faux pas in on the passenger.
(4/10/2018 10:39:37 PM)
Yeah naughty buchur
He should have brought his own chicken fat so that he could make his own shmaltz on the plane!
Come on, when someone pays for a kosher meal, they should get what they paid for. Don't justify gneva
(4/10/2018 10:44:35 PM)
To #21
Itís not Geneva because he could have been starving so the airline is suppose to provide him with his needs and food is counted
(4/10/2018 11:18:50 PM)
Regarding biur chometz
To everyone saying if he has to do biur - yes - but first he has to cover the entire airplane with tin foil, then he has to kasher the cockpit. According to some options the PILOT LIGHT is not go to use - no pun intended.
He has to do a bedika in the lugage conpartnent because chometz might get there.

Of course: ķŚÝš žŗ ýŠýÓťŪ šťŗ
(4/10/2018 11:29:43 PM)
Can one eat a pesach meal on a plane
If it was heated in a chometz oven? Do the same rules of double wrapping apply on pesach?
(4/10/2018 11:41:27 PM)
Hospitals too
My grandchild was born chol hamoed, so like a good bubby I cooked up a storm; eggs, fish, chicken, potatoes, beets so everyone would have plenty to eat (including the day-old baby, her parents and all the doctors and nurses) and took it all to the hospital.
Just then the nurse came in carrying a tray of food, and with a quizzical look on her face, she said "I have your kosher for passover meal, but they forgot to include any bread. But that's ok, I picked up a few rolls for you from the kitchen!"
Gevalt - I stopped her before the tray hit the table.
But nebach, I'm sure there are many people who could have eaten kosher, but were given chometz together with it by well meaning but clueless servers.
Play it safe - always travel with YOUR OWN KOSHER FOOD.
You never know if the kosher meal will make it on the plane, and even if it does, the packaging often rips or pops during the heating process. Or worse - I actually received a PARVE kosher meal I could have eaten, but the flight attendant was insisting I open it, and place it in a new tupperware container she provided, so she could heat it for me. No crew member on that flight to Japan could be convinced that the package was safe to heat as is, so I was left with no food except for (what I brought, and) tons of fresh fruit the head steward kept bringing from 1st class as he felt terrible I couldn't eat!
Yes, some people are really nice, even if they think they can't give you what you ask for.
(4/10/2018 11:48:55 PM)
#20, all the airlines are informed
Every kosher airline caterer supplies KFP meals, and notifies the airline about it, and MOST OF THE TIME you do get KFP meals on Pesach, (and for several weeks after, until they use them up!) but there are always mix-ups.

I once flew right after Pesach and got a "KFP" meal but there were two problems: 1) it was kitniyos; 2) the hot main course was fleishig but it was served with a cold tray that was milchig.

Fortunately the kitniyos was no problem since it was after Pesach, but it's really inconsiderate, since at least half of the international passengers ordering kosher meals are Ashkenazim. The combination of a milchig tray with a fleishig main is a bigger problem -- the airlines are specifically warned about this, but again mix-ups happen.
(4/11/2018 12:25:42 AM)
(4/11/2018 12:39:53 AM)
next time bring with you your own food
(4/11/2018 1:07:31 AM)
Reality Check
I am sure when he was on Merkaz Shlichus representing the Rebbe he portrayed himself as holier than thou - non-processed foods and all. Once on the plane - even if it was kosher for Pesach - it may well be gebrokts etc. and not the sort of thing he would be seen eating in Crown Heights. But the shlichus didn't end - the Rebbe was travelling home with him... vidal.

The reference to vegan and halal is silly. Turning it into a insensitive to Jews situation - must have brought that back from the current Europe mentality.
(4/11/2018 2:10:16 AM)
Similar but different
Just flew to Australia after pesach and was served kosher for Passover....
(4/11/2018 4:03:00 AM)
Another point of view
Is it not the job of whoever gave this hashgacha to make sure this doesnt happen?
How is delta orrany airline supossed to know about pesach and the dates of pesach?
(4/11/2018 8:49:33 AM)
Bring your own no matter what!
We had a different problem with Delta!! Flew after Rosh Ha-Shana to Tel Aviv and were served a soggy kosher Lípessach meal. Either way, gross and this complaint doesnít even hold water...
(4/11/2018 9:14:45 AM)
Chaim Yankel H.
Thank you for another most informative article and the comments to go along with it!
(4/11/2018 9:17:53 AM)
British Airways is great!
I flew them on Pesach and they served a kosher lepesach meal prepared by Kadasiya.
(4/11/2018 9:43:12 AM)
I am not Lubavitch; grew up in a Conservative shomer shabbat/Kosher home, am now considered Modern Orthodox. I don't know anyone who would assume that an airline would serve an appropriate Kasher l'pesach meal. Growing up we ate all meals at home on Pesach (or had a picnic with hard boiled eggs, fruit and matza from home) and even now- living in a community of people who grew up MUCH more frum than I did... I can count on one hand the number of places I would eat on Pesach. So I am astonished that given the Lubavitch chumrot, this person would have relied on an airline meal (or a restaurant meal, or something that was not prepared in his own home or by someone he knew and trusted.)
(4/11/2018 10:20:59 AM)
Oh Please
Contrary to this bochurs world view, the rest of the world does not revolve around you. It's very simple how it happened, not everyone is aware of Pesach and someone made an easy simple mistake. $100 is 10x what the meal is worth and I would be happy to receive that. I'm sure he also had some matza packed and didn't starve
(4/11/2018 11:12:28 AM)
Astonished 2
I am amazed at the amount comments criticizing this Bachur. He has evey right to eat Kosher for Pesach food on a plane, if he trust the Hechsher. The airline clearly wronged him, and any other kosher eating customer by not having that food available. The airline and Hechsher should be notified to make sure this doesn't happen again, perhaps they should print on the label the exact date of pesach, so that it would be much clearer next time.
The Bachur did the right thing here by making this public as this is something that affects the masses. We should be thanking him and encouraging him for standing up for his fellow Jews.
Shame on anyone for Judging and criticizing him for not having the same chumros as you do, especially that it is completely irrelevant here, as the airline should have given him the meal he ordered, regardless of who he is, and on pesach only a meal that is kosher for pesach, should be considered kosher.
(4/11/2018 1:25:45 PM)
very interesting point
If , on Pesach non Jew delivers a package containing chometz to a Jew it should not be accepted nor should he show any interest in accepting it. It is best for him to say " I don't want my domain to acquire it for me. THEN EVEN IF THE NON JEW LEAVES IT IN HIS DOMAIN THE CHOMETZ DOES NOT BECOME PROHIBITED. I think this can be applied here in this case. Shulachan aruch siman 448 . There could be a problem of accepting the 100 dollars as compensation
(4/11/2018 2:17:25 PM)
1st paragraph:
Starts that a Chabad Yeshiva student returning from Merkos Shlichus.

We all know that specially on Pessach we try our best to be Machmir, everyone to their own. From using schmaltz only, no dairy, no products, and on and on.
To publicize that a Bochur returning from Merkos Shlichus is not MAKPID of none of the above to the extend to be ready to eat airplane meals, in my opinion- borderlines Chilul Hashem. It is very possible that this particular Bochur had a valid reason for this leniency, however the viewers are not aware. Definitly not right to Chas Vesholom judge the Bochur who gave of himself to run a Seder for other fellow Yidden. However, this whole article with all the legal rights of this Bochur could do without the Merkos Shlichus part
(4/11/2018 2:52:53 PM)
Anyone think
Anyone think that the bochur wasn't going to eat the food... I'm sure he wasn't
It's just principal that matters!!
(4/11/2018 8:52:32 PM)
To # 38
If he wasn't going to eat it why order it to begin with? We just seem to expect more from a bochur on Merkos schlichus I suppose. Guess a lot of things have changed.
(4/11/2018 10:20:29 PM)
Kosher for Passover meal
Just flew Melbourne to Singapore 3 days after Pesach, received a "Kosher for Passover" meal! from Unger Caterers in Melbourne, the meal was pretty good, my only concern is if the matzo in the meal is Hamotzi or possibly Mezonos, the details with the meal only stated that rolls/lachmaniot are Mezonos.nothing about matzo!
(4/12/2018 2:54:35 AM)
To #39
First of all coming from a family full of Pasach Cumros, their is nothing wrong for anybody to eat ďkosher for PassoverĒ period.
Pasach is something which every family does different, if someone does something different then you it doesnít mean that they are wrong.

I know family during the year when they fly they always get the kosher meal. But they do not eat it BC the meat may not Lubavitch
But they still get the meal.

If you donít like airplane food do u not order the kosher meal?
Of course u order it.

Why? BC when an airline employee or other travelers see a Jewish boy or family that didnít order a kosher meal then they will think that even the most religious arenít sincere and go against their Torah when it gets traveling.
Itís even worse when they are Jewish and would see this.
(4/12/2018 2:59:59 AM)
What about sukkos?
We should be very angry that the airlines dont accomadte us with a sukkah how insensitive that is, how can i possibly even drink water without a sukkah? Am i expected to go hours without a drink? What has the world come to?
(4/12/2018 8:28:27 AM)
This is really obviously not the airline's fault.
The Caterer is really the one responsible. All the New York based kosher caterers should start and show an example. Rabbonim who give Hechsherim to caterers here and in Europe, Asia everywhere should begin demanding from caterers to know what they plan to do on Pesach.
It's true what one of the people commented here: what about Yidden who are not yet fully keeping Torah and Mitzvos? Whey should they get a meal and unknowingly eat Chometz, even though they tried to eat kosher. Chabad has Rabbonim all over the world, and any Shliach that has some influence in this field can definitely try and do something to improve the situation.
(4/12/2018 10:11:33 AM)
Bring your own Kasher L'Pesach Food when flying during the Moed. I certainly wouldn't even trust the Kashrus of any Airline Food/water during Pesach.
My family always went by the Motto: Only trust the arm that's connected to your body!
(4/12/2018 8:37:57 PM)
in my case against virgin atlantic i get $1200 in small claims court in Brooklyn nit take $100)))
(4/13/2018 4:19:17 PM)
Chilul Hashem
No. 47 if circumstances are identical that is.
(4/13/2018 4:45:53 PM)
to #43
I don't fly any more (at least not longer distances) because of health reasons, but back in the day I always ordered a kosher meal for exactly the reason you state, to make a kiddush hashem. Usually there would be fruit in it, which I would eat.
(4/13/2018 5:48:36 PM)
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