Mar 13, 2018
Dinner for Florida's French Chabad

The French Chabad of Florida, led by Rabbi Yisroel and Louiza Frankforter, celebrated its continuous growth at their first dinner.

The French Chabad of Florida, under the leadership of Rabbi Yisroel and Louiza Frankforter, celebrated its continuous growth with their first dinner.

Over the past number of years the French Jewish community of South Florida has grown tremendously, mostly due to the difficulty Jews face in France.

Starting life in a new and foreign country is difficult to say the least. Rabbi and Mrs. Frankforter have dedicated their shlichus to providing a warm and welcoming Center to the many French Jews who move to South Florida.

The first dinner marks an important milestone in the history of this newest wave of Jewish immigration to the USA.

The dinner was planned by a team of volunteers under the able leadership of Mrs. Esther Sitbon.

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awesome and timely
Rabbi Frankfurter and his Rebbetzen are simply the best people. this event will grow in leaps and bounds
your friend
(3/13/2018 2:18:56 PM)
Big Z Schapiro
Beautiful the main thing is you're all had a good time and that's the most important thing I would also like to mention two the French Chabad House of South Florida they should go from strength to strength happiness and successful keep on bringing more Jews into The Chabad house
(3/13/2018 8:27:58 PM)
Rabbi Frankforter
A true educator in every sense of the word. Mazel Tov to you and your Rebbetzin.
G. Fellig
(3/14/2018 9:39:21 PM)
Hatacha in your shlichus!!
(3/19/2018 1:29:34 PM)
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