Mar 13, 2018
Charlie Harary to Launch New Book

Tonight: Three prominent business leaders will share powerful advice and inspiration—and Charlie Harary will kick off his book tour for his new book in Crown Heights.

This Tuesday, March 13th, entrepreneurs from across Brooklyn will join together for an evening of inspiration and conversation with three business leaders: Charlie Harary, Esq (CEO of H3 Capital LLC), Zacharia Waxler, CPA (Managing Partner at Roth & Co), and Meny Hoffman (CEO of Ptex Group).

The theme of the event is “How to Grow Yourself, Your Business, and Your Profits,” and it’s for any entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders looking to learn, grow, and network.

“There’s such an incredible power in like-minded business people coming together, and those who come will walk away with powerful advice and inspiration to move their business forward,” says Mr. Hoffman. “I’m a firm believer in events like this, where you get to meet and speak to people face to face. You never know the difference that one idea, one conversation, even one handshake can make for your business.”

To top off the excitement, at the event, Charlie Harary will be launching his book tour for his new book, Unlocking Greatness, which hits stores March 12, and can be pre-ordered here by visiting

“I spent so much time trying to figure out how to grow, become better both in business and in life, what’s keeping me from becoming the person that deep down I know I can be,” says Charlie. “That’s what inspired this book.

“Every one of us has greatness inside of us. It’s not a question of becoming great. It’s a question of revealing that greatness within each one of us. I wrote this book in my own search to discover how to do that. It combines science, psychology, spirituality based in Jewish teachings, and real, practical tools and tips to help you unlock greatness in your business and your life. I’m excited to share some of these with everyone who attends on Tuesday.”

The night will kick off 7PM at the Jewish Children’s Museum with some networking and light refreshments, followed by remarks and a keynote address by Charlie Harary. The evening will conclude with a book signing.
The first 100 people to register for the event will receive a free signed copy of the book with the cost of admission. Books will be for sale at the event as well.

This event, sponsored by FirstChoice POS, is one of several “Road Events” hosted by Let’s Talk Business (LTB), an initiative of Ptex Group. The purpose of LTB events is to provide quality business education for the orthodox Jewish community and the chance for like-minded entrepreneurs to connect and network, opening the doors to new friendships and opportunities.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $30 at the door. There will be separate seating for men and women. To register, go to

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