Mar 9, 2018
Megillah Winner: Avraham Fried

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights held their second Megillah raffle. The excited winner: Singer Avraham Fried.

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights held their second annual Megillah raffle at their Purim Program for students and their families on Purim afternoon, which included a Megillah reading, raffle prizes, hamantash decorating and a festive meal.

Upper Elementary Talmidim went to sell tickets for the Megillah raffle prior to Purim and the lucky winner of the Mehudar Chabad Megillah encased in velvet was the Friedman family. When they went to deliver it this week, the students were in for a surprise when Avrohom Fried came down to receive the Megillah.

Unbeknownst to them, tickets were purchased by his wife, Tzivia. The singer greeted the excited students, posing for a picture, and asked the boys jokingly if the Megillah has Nekudos (according to halacha if the person reading it doesn't know how to do so without the Nekudos he can pencil it in).

After the students answered "No," he sang "Chazak, Chazak!" and the boys continued "VeNischazeik."

The Megillah is of the highest standards according to Chabad custom and written in the Alter Rebbe's Ksav: Each page has the width (Amoh) of 42 lines and the names of the ten sons of Haman do not take up the whole page of the Megillah. The sons of Haman in most Megillahs are written in bigger size letters and take up a whole page. According to Chabad minhag it shouldn't be so.

All who attended the OYYL Purim party were singing its praises too.

"A big Yashar koyach to all who worked so hard to prepare such a welcoming Purim Feast," said Leah Goldstein, whose family co-sponsored the OYYL Purim program along with the Pinyagin family, both parents of students at the school. "The mehudar Megillah reading, amazing raffle, homemade food, great company and joyous atmosphere!"

"It was wonderful celebrating with all the parents, staff, teachers and children who helped with putting this event together, and came to share the Joy of Purim," said Mila Schneiderman, founder and director of OYYL. "May we always have good reasons to get together and celebrate!"

"It's a great privilege and honor as well as an incomparable pleasure to serve such a wonderful community," added Rabbi Motel Schneiderman, co-founder and director of OYYL.

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Opinions and Comments
Mazal tov
He should read the megillah next Purim in the third Bais Hamikdosh.
(3/10/2018 7:34:16 PM)
Kol hakavod
Kol hakavod from happy parents
(3/10/2018 7:40:40 PM)
That was a great chassidishe party!
Kol Hakavod to staff and parents!
(3/10/2018 8:54:53 PM)
This is incredible
This is an amazing program!!
(3/11/2018 6:50:00 PM)
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