Mar 8, 2018
When The Kids Take Charge

Watch: A group of Chabad children in California is taking charge to give out Shmurah Matzah to Jewish people living in their area.

Sacramento Jewish Academy Cheder:

Many Lubavitcher chassidim want to do mivtzoim more often than they possibly can. This is especially true in the lead up to Pesach, with Yud Aleph Nissan just a few days prior, the Rebbe’s famous call to distribute Shmurah Matzah to as many yidden as possible is on every Chassid’s mind.

How can I fulfill the Rebbe’s directive while still managing everything else in my life?

Here's a novel solution: partner with the talmidim of the Sacramento Jewish Academy Cheder; they have time to do mivtzoim and will even do it on your behalf through the special partnership opportunity that is being launched this year for the very first time!

Everyone is invited to partner with the SJA students as they are excited to deliver Shmurah Matzah to local Jewish individuals and families and with your support they’ll be able to collectively deliver Shmurah Matzah to thousands of Yidden in the region.

This is the gift that these Young Shluchim, plan to give to the Rebbe in honor of Yud Aleph Nissan. Visit to learn more about this project and how you can participate. Join these young shluchim in bringing nachas to the Rebbe.

VIDEO: Shmurah Matzah Campaign

To join the campaign, visit

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Opinions and Comments
go mussia and mendel zaklos
your making to rebbe proud!
(3/8/2018 5:08:10 PM)
The cutest!
Great message. Well done. Inspiring.
(3/9/2018 5:17:03 AM)
Great job!
Zalman Grossbaum really well done!
Great video keep it up 👍
(3/9/2018 12:24:31 PM)
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