Mar 9, 2018
A Gift For Every New Mother

A new organization "Mothers of Crown Heights" is planning to give a gift to every mother of a newborn in the neighborhood.

For a long time now, there have been wonderful people doing wonderful work with mothers in the Crown Heights community, but not enough women know about the services or who to contact.

'Is there someone that organizes meals for a mother after she has a baby?' Or 'Who are the local lactation consultants?' 'Is there a car seat gemach?' are some of the many questions that are asked again and again, leaving very busy mothers to have to do their own research.

And that is why was born.

The goal is to centralize available resources and useful information a young mother may need. The site is easy to navigate and has separate pages for expecting moms, Kimpator (postpartum) moms, nursing moms, general women's health, a gemachs listing, and a calendar of mom events.

Expecting mothers can now easily access a list of OBGYNs and doulas, and find out which birthing classes and prenatal fitness classes are offered locally. Helpful PDF downloads such as a packing list of what to take to the hospital and a collection of Chabad customs for labor and delivery are also available.

Mothers of Crown Heights, the website and its initiatives was created in loving memory of Mrs. Miriam Tzimmel Friedman, of blessed memory, and is spearheaded by her granddaughter, Mushka Leiter.

"Kimpator is a Yiddish term for a woman that has just given birth," Leiter explains. "Back in the day, a Kimpator was tended to and cared for in every way for thirty days as she recovered. Things are quite different today"

"Our aim is to reintroduce the concept of the Kimpator," she says. The services that Shifra Puah, Bikur Cholim, Seudas Yehudis, and Yad V'ezer offer for postpartum women are highlighted and outlined.

If a mother is looking to find a 'mommy and me' program, a local womens event, or an indoor play-space to take her toddler, that info is all available on the website.

The organization has recruited volunteers from local high schools, seminaries, and post-seminary programs to help mothers for up to eight weeks postpartum. A mother can sign up and request volunteers online.

The site also directs women that are struggling with infertility or have experienced pregnancy loss to the support and resources that they need.

A Gift For Every Mom

As part of the celebration of having a new baby, will hand deliver a lovely gift to mothers in Crown Heights.

The baby gifts are generously sponsored by Keren HaChomesh, the fund established by the Rebbe in memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, with the purpose of benefiting women and girls in the community.

Working in collaboration with, hopes to reach every new mom. If you would like to receive a gift, click here

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Opinions and Comments
Shout out to the husbands!
Great work Mushka! A much needed service, done in a beautiful way. And....behind every amazing women, stands a supportive husband. Kol hakavod Chaiml!
(3/10/2018 11:04:03 AM)
What an amazing idea! Much hatzlocha.
(3/10/2018 7:10:52 PM)
Mushka, kol hakavod! This is so needed in our community. Thank you for doing this!
Batya F
(3/10/2018 7:21:27 PM)
Thank you!
This is so so needed. Your initiative is much appreciated, and will surely be appreciated by all mothers in the community. Thank you for stepping in to fill a gap where you saw one!
(3/10/2018 7:43:32 PM)
This is great!
Had a look at the website, fantastic!
Suggestion: can we have an anonymous forum for mothers of crown heights to connect with each other for support, advice, chat, etc? Maybe even by month of delivery, like many goyish websites (babycenter, what to expect etc.)
(3/10/2018 7:48:33 PM)
With all due respect - Please use correct Yiddish
I am sorry to again have to correct the incorrect Yiddish expressions by the new and uneducated young gen. It hurts the eyes and the ears to see and hear yiddish used and expressed so incorrectly by those of us who speak and write fluent yiddish.

The proper Yiddish word for the new mother is kimpetorin -
. That is THE proper term for a new birthing mother. There is NO such word as kimpator/ in Yiddish and just makes absolutely no sense.
The one and only correct version is kimpetorin - which can also be spelled in Yiddish.
Please appreciate that someone cares enough and takes the the time to teach the correct yiddish vs to say it and write it correctly. Thank you.
(3/10/2018 8:31:52 PM)
This is a project that will help so many new mothers, whether or not this is her first baby. Its an idea whose time has come. lol hakavod to the dedicated people who are involved in this mitavah.
(3/10/2018 8:33:57 PM)
Awesome resource
This is a beautiful project that will help many women. Lol hakavod!
(3/10/2018 11:35:06 PM)
The website is beautiful and so cleverly made. It is obvious that a huge amount of effort was put into this project.
It is inspiring to see people starting things like this just to be able to help others. Much success!
(3/11/2018 12:42:32 AM)
Fantastic project
So desperately needed and so appropriate to be in the Zchus of mrs friedman who together with her well known husband rabbi friedman oh raised a large family in difficult times and they all turned out to be amazing people who have impacted tens of thousands around the world
Kol hakovod to Mushka friedman Leiter and Hazlacha
(3/11/2018 8:21:09 AM)
Tired momma
Suggestion: I have had 2 babies in this week ( 2 weeks before pesach) both times I gave birth I was turned away from most of the organizations listed because they don't prepare meals so close to pesach. My husband and I are Baal teshuva and therefore didn't have any family to help us so we were forced to buy takeout for the days after I came out of the hospital and couldn't cook. While I realize that these organizations don't have the time and facilities to make food in the week or two before pesach perhaps there are local restaurants that could donate something? Or even have chametzdik food they need to get rid of anyway ? It seems unfair that those of us who give birth during/ around a yom tov are left with nothing when in fact those times are even harder than normal.
(3/11/2018 8:23:52 AM)
True chessed!
Amazing stuff!!
Way to step up.
Hatzlachah rabba and god bless you!
(3/11/2018 10:43:45 AM)
Girls, let's do this!
What greater Mitzvah for girls to do than to help mothers bring more neshamos into the world by volunteering to help out? Let's encourage all unmarried girls to volunteer at least one hour a week.
That should make it possible for new mothers to receive what they really need - help every day for a few weeks!
(3/11/2018 11:25:44 AM)
The CH lighthouse shines brighter
Another shining example of Chessed and kindness. I see many happy smiling mothers...
May Hashem repay all of the staff and volunteers With Kol Tuv.
(3/11/2018 12:28:23 PM)
Beautiful but no such word
Organization is beautiful but please change the word to kimpituren. No such word as kimpator
(3/11/2018 12:42:33 PM)
to #13
girls should help out! Chesed is important!
let's remember though, that they have a tremendous amount of homework and mandatory weekly Chesed from school.

I think I'm in addition to encouraging girls, I would love to see Bubbys help out. people who have no younger children in the home.

BP, I know has a program where Bubby age women go to homes to help out after a baby is born.
everyday for for two weeks , the same bubby
(3/11/2018 1:04:06 PM)
to 11
So true!
in the evening i am sure local restaurants have leftovers which kimpetorin and their families can enjoy.
we just need someone to organize to call and collect them and distribute them.
(3/11/2018 1:36:19 PM)
Some communities have block freezers stocked with foods
Adressing issue brought up by (#11 tired Momma) perhaps the various organizations(aka volunteer groups of friends) helping mothers with meals who just gave birth could have freezers stocked up with frozen meals especialy yomim tovim seasons & summer vacation times when people arent as readily available to perpare meals.
(3/11/2018 7:17:05 PM)
excellent womens health PT
Dr Devorah Lieberman is an amazing Physical Therapist specializing in Womens Health in Crown Heights.
she should definitely be added to the list of Dr's.
(3/12/2018 11:52:42 AM)
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