Mar 4, 2018
L'Chaim: Perl - Eidelman
Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

The L'Chaim of Sender Perl and Mushky Eidelman, both of Crown Heights, took place at Chovevei Torah Hall in Crown Heights.

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

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Greatest Perl ever!!!!
(3/4/2018 10:58:18 AM)
Mazal Tov Sender!!
Huge Mazal Tov! And All the best wishes!
From your 7th Grade Teacher ULY Crown st
(3/4/2018 11:29:04 AM)
Mazel tov!!
Both families are so warm and caring!
Mushky is so talented! Her artwork brightens the halls of bais rivkah every day.
Only simchas!
(3/4/2018 12:15:55 PM)
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