Mar 8, 2018
Large Gala Celebrates LA Yeshiva
Photos by Yossi Percia

600 people came to Los Angeles to mark the 40th anniversary of Yeshiva Ohr Elchanan and solute the 'Rosh' Rabbi Ezra Schochet.

Almost six hundred people filled the ballroom at the universal Hilton to celebrate the 40 year anniversary since the establishment of Yeshiva Ohr Elchanan Chabad.

They came to honor the revered Rosh Yeshiva who leads the yeshiva since its inception, Rabbi Ezra Schochet, known as The Rosh.

They came from all communities to the gala event. Anash, chassidish and litvish people came to give thanks to Rabbi Schochet and to be inspired. Benny Friedman, an alumnus of the yeshiva, performed.

Fifty people, including alumni and parents, flew in from out of town. The yeshiva printed a journal of almost 300 pages with a history on Rabbi Schochet and the yeshiva for the banquet.

The yeshiva published a new volume of kovetz Migdal Ohr with over 500 pages in honor of the banquet.


Photos by Yossi Percia

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שפיגל ירושלים
GO ROSH😤👍👍👍יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד😃😆😅
(3/9/2018 12:14:57 AM)
The Rosh is an amazing man
The shiurim this year are really incredible. Such insight! And so frequent, too!
(3/9/2018 12:30:41 AM)
Rabbi Schochet continues to inspire me despite having left YOEC many years ago. The lessons he taught me as an individual, as well as his speeches on Shabbat, continue to energise my yiddishkeit, as well as my day to day life as a mensch.
I wish him from the depths of my heart all the blessings. There are no words to describe how much he means to me.
(3/10/2018 4:12:42 PM)
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