Feb 14, 2018
Pesach in the Rebbe’s City

Spend a luxurious and an inspiring Pesach on the banks of the Dnieper river in the Rebbe’s City, the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, in the spectacular Menorah Center.

On the banks of the Dnieper river in the Rebbe’s City, the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, stands the spectacular Menorah Center. This complex of buildings has seven branches. Its architectural design is based on the Menorah in the Beit Hamikdash, and has become an icon in the Chabad world and is the largest Jewish center in the world.

The Menorah Center blends a combination of classic and contemporary styles. Every space is beautifully finished and furnished, creating a royal and luxurious atmosphere. Amongst the seven branches of the Menorah building you will find a magnificent Shul, a spacious banquet hall which holds thousands of people, large salon lounges, and a variety of halls for events and conventions decorated with unique Jewish art.

On the upper level, is the luxury hotel with more than 100 rooms. The large and exquisite rooms are thoughtfully furnished with the comfort of the guests in mind. The stay includes full board service in authentic American style with the highest level of Kashrut possible.

The prestigious hotel at Menorah Center hosts tourists from around the world who want to visit the City of the Rebbe throughout the year. In honor of Pesach, it opens its doors to Chabad Chassidim who would like to spend their Pesach holiday in a unique and elegant manner while observing the highest Kosher standards. The Kashrut is supervised by the Shliach and Rav of the city, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki Shlita. You will enjoy a variety of special programs, trips, and attractions for the whole family.

The facts don’t lie, last year’s Pesach guests have already booked their stay for this year as well. They look forward to a Pesach holiday in a warm, family oriented atmosphere, infused with vibrant Chassidic enthusiasm. It really is an unforgettable experience.

In light of last year’s success, the skilled staff at Menorah Center will do all that they can to provide an even higher quality experience.

Come and celebrate this Pesach as ‘free men’, together with the community of Shluchim and Anash from the Rebbe’s City.

The Lubavitch Mehadrin Kashrut is based on traditional Chabad meticulousness in the kitchen over Pesach. The kitchen in the Hotel is exclusively used for Pesach, and the staff of skilled chefs are careful and attentive to all of the stringencies that have been passed down to us from our Rabbeim. The kitchen is equipped with high end equipment and exclusive Pesach utensils. We do not rely on the leninancy of Kashering utensils. Those who prefer, may receive their meals on disposable dishes and utensils.

From the moment we begin preparations until the very end of Pesach, we have a staff of Mashgichim on hand who are led by the experts in Kashrut in the FSU: Rabbi Elisha Baram and Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki, the Shliach and Rav of Dnepropetrovsk.

In 5774 (2014), the Menorah Center Pesach getaway received the stamp of approval and blessing of HaRav HaGaon HaChassid Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi Z”L, the Rav of Kfar Chabad and member of the Beit Din of Chabad Rabbanim in Israel. His instructions about stringencies to be followed are still followed until today, providing you with a Pesach with all of the Hiddurim of the Rebbe.

Hotel and Dining Room

Welcome to the Suites of Menorah Hotel. You are invited to enjoy the most splendid and exclusive rooms in the city. We maintain European standards of the highest level. The furnishings are carefully picked for the pleasure and comfort of our guests, providing a pampering family vacation which you will not find anywhere else.

In the spacious dining rooms you will be served meals fit for a king. Menorah’s staff of chefs offers a rich and varied menu, prepared using the highest quality, fresh and kosher ingredients, serving you gourmet meals, infused with a feeling of authentic homestyle comfort.

The elegant design of the main event, the Seder night, provides an intimate atmosphere which creates the feeling of one big family of Chassidim gathered together in the true sense of unity and brotherly love.


The main Shul of the local community holds uplifting Yom Tov minyanim as well as minyanim throughout Chol HaMoed.

There is an elegant and Mehudar Mikvah in the same building which is tastefully decorated and equipped for the convenience and comfort of those who use it. The Mikvah entrance is on the gallery level.

The Jewish Community

The guests of Menorah Center are welcomed as guests of the Jewish community in Dnepropetrovsk.

From the start of the Shlichus of Rabbi Kaminezki, who went out with the bracha of the Rebbe, the Jewish and Chassidic community has grown and flourished. There are endless events and activities throughout the year.

The guests will visit the place where the Rebbe grew up and began his holy work of awakening the Jewish world and preparing it for the coming of Moshiach.

Hurry and book your stay. Now!

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