Feb 13, 2018
'Kids Who Question Your Derech'

Wednesday 8:45 pm: Adai Ad's conference call hosts renowned Rabbi Shais Taub to discuss "Children Who Question Your Derech."

A conference call with Rabbi Shais Taub - Wednesday, February 14 8:45 PM is the next in the "Shalom Bayis: Working as a Team" series.

When children are not following the derech on which their parents raised them, it can be very frustrating to the parents. There are so many emotions going on for each parent, and the other family members. There may be differing opinions about what to do and handle the situation. But at all times, all should remember to keep the Shalom in the marriage and the rest of the family.

Rabbi Shais Taub will talk about this on a conference call this Wednesday, February 14 8:45 PM.
Call in: 641-552-9123 Access#: 256956
You can send your questions to be addressed in this call to info@adaiad.org or anonymously at *www.adaiad.org/ask-anonymous-question*

Rabbi Taub is a scholar, relationship counselor and author of "G-d Of Our Understanding" and the popular 'Ask the Rabbi' column in the Ami Magazine.

Check Adai Ad's website for upcoming calls and events at http://www.adaiad.org/events or recordings of past events at www.adaiad.org/past-events.

This call is brought to the community by Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and Adai Ad. It is part of a series of workshops and education organized by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council under a grant by the New York City Council Domestic Violence Initiative awarded by Council Member Matthieu Eugene.

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