Feb 12, 2018
Special Young Shluchos Banquet
Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

Amid singing and dancing, Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos by the Shluchim Office for daughters of Shluchos concluded on a high note with a banquet in Brooklyn.

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

Over 1000 girls on Shlichus in large and small cities around the world joined together for the Grand Banquet, filling the Campus Chomesh hall in Crown Heights on Sunday night.

Capping off a packed weekend of Davening, learning, Farbrengens, trips and fun, the banquet culminated an exciting and inspiring 3 days for the Young Shluchos at their annual Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos, a project of The Shluchim Office.

The Hebrew and French divisions joined the main English-speaking division of the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim for an event held in true sheves achim gam yachad. The evening included Tehillim, specially prepared videos, speeches, music and a catered dinner.

MC of the evening was Mrs. Chanie Kantor who welcomed the girls and led the program. The 12 Pesukim were said together with the Rebbe and Rebbetzin's Tehilim.

With live music accompanied by special guest singer Sheina Golomb, the Young Shluchos sang slowly in unison as well as lively melodies while dancing in joy.

The Banquet theme followed that of the entire Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos and how the Rebbe is constantly present and empowering each Shliach with the ability to succeed in their mission.

A traditional highlight by the Kinus, the International Roll Call, was led by Mushkie Rodal, where the countries and states of the young Shluchos are announced.

A brand new initiative was also launched in honor of the Shloshim of Chana Kesselman OBM, a Young Shlucha who recently passed away after an illness. Each Young Shlucha at the banquet received a Neshek kit to give out to someone in their community in Chana's memory, with special prizes for those who participate.

Many other prizes were given out as well and lots of raffles including staff gifts of a beautiful picture of the Rebbe.

VIDEO: Replay of the banquet. Viewing for women and girls only

The banquet's success was thanks to the hard work and dedication of the banquet committee: Rikki Levertov, Mushkie Rodal, Mushky Wineberg, and Goldie Wolowik.

As the event winded down and Young Shluchos in high spirits began to head home, a special surprise awaited them at the door. Each Young Shlucha received a brand new book published special for this event, named "Lamplighters of the World". The book features a girl on Shlichus in every country and state, telling us about their lives, their families and their Shlichus. Working tirelessly to compile this tremendous publication were Esty Hartman, Mushky Wineberg, and Rochel Zalmanov.

A very special thanks goes to Rabbi Benjy Stock and the team at Beis Rivkah (Benny Wolf, Tzvi Fass, Shmiddy, Gil and Co.) who have once again spearheaded the massive effort to host and cater to all the needs of the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, as well as Rabbi Yaakov Saacks and Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum of the The Chai Center - Dix Hills for the Pioneer Division.

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Sheina's Tatty
Proud of you Sheina you sang so well.
(2/13/2018 6:45:02 AM)
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