Feb 8, 2018
Pesach Program Poised to Sell Out

The nearly sold out 3rd annual FFH Events Pesach Program, hosted by Shloime and Alyson Feldman and Levi and Yehudis Feigenson, is on mark to be even better than last year.

This year the 3rd annual FFH Events Pesach Program is on mark to be even better than last year.

The program has moved to the beautiful Villa Roma hotel in Callicoon, NY west of the Catskills, near the Delaware River. The Villa Roma is jammed packed with amenities for both adults and children. Adults will feel pampered at the 18 hole golf course and putting green, full service spa, indoor pool and jacuzzi, racquetball, horseback riding, fishing, gym, exercise classes and more. Adults can truly relax while children enjoy Day camp, Kiddie camp, night activities plus the facilities includes bowling, volleyball, basketball, paintball, bouncy houses, rock-wall, soft gym, laser tag, outdoor playground, billiards, ping pong, arcade, and more.

Throughout Pesach, all are wined and dined with 5 star gourmet meals, abundant desserts and a plentiful 24-hour Tea Room by Levi Feigenson and Table One Caterers. The lavish gourmet menu, featuring peeled vegetables and Lubavitcher shechita is under the strict supervision of Rabbi Eli Matusof. The presentation is most memorable, with each guest enjoying this royal treatment, of truly outstanding meals and delicacies.

“We set out to build a Pesach program that was more affordable than what is currently available," said Alyson Feldman, Director. "However, we wanted our guests to have it all, and kept adding to the amenities and luxuries, while doing our best to keep the rates affordable.” FFH accomplished that with a glowing reputation based on never skimping on any of the delicious food, top notch programming and attention to detail.

“The real credit for our unforgettable Yom Tovim goes to our friendly guests who truly lead the heartwarming and heimishe atmosphere," said Shloime Feldman. “With partial stays welcome, and a ‘pay with points’ option, there is a package for everyone. “

This year features renowned lecturers Rabbi Shais Taub, Rabbi Asher and Sara Esther Crispe, Rabbi Yakov and Malka Werde, Rabbi Yossi Gordon, as well as more announcements to come. As an added bonus, guests will be treated to beautiful chazanus throughout the Yom Tov by singer and Chazan Shlomo Simcha.

The lineup of entertainment featured superstars Yoni Z, Shlomo Simcha and Avi Liberman. The programming also includes surprise programming, children’s events, an ice cream parlor, coffee bar, game rooms, activity centers, bonfires, balloon animals, prizes, day camp, night activities and more to round out the program.
The culmination of Pesach is the heart warming Moshiach seudah when all the guests come together well past Z’man, to sing and dance together. The atmosphere sets the tone for no one wanting Pesach to come to an end.

The coordinators make mention that at the end of Pesach we were inundated with many thank you notes and calls from gracious guests thanking them us for our efforts and attention to detail that led to a wonderful Pesach experience.

A guest mentioned, “This Pesach I met so many new friends, and I didn’t want it to end, it felt as if we were at overnight camp for adults. We do not know who had more fun - the children or us.”

Visit FFHPesach.com to learn more.


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Repeat customer
We are booked!
(2/8/2018 4:26:48 PM)
Love it
Went the past two years absolutely incredible. Shloime and Alyson are both so incredible and amazing to be around!!!!
(2/8/2018 11:48:25 PM)
great program!
coming back for my 3rd year, amazing food and entertainment,
and rabbi matusof is another reason im coming back.
(2/9/2018 2:26:28 PM)
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