Jan 21, 2018
The K-Factor With Yitzy Geisinsky

The K-Factor podcast: California entrepreneur Yitzy Geisinsky of Econophone, Omni Access, Alacrity Energy and Milano Wigs.

The K-Factor podcast is produced by CHYE - Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news website COLlive.com.

The K-Factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders to make the "Keli" (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can grow their business aspirations.

Episode #11: "Grab the initiative"

Yitzy Geisinsky's diverse business background began in the mid 1990s when he took the reins of The Sukkah Center and tripled its revenues in two short years without increasing the size of its workforce.

In 1998, Yitzy and his wife moved to California to launch the West Coast operations for Econophone, a publicly traded telecommunications firm, and served as its Director of West Coast Operations until 2001.

In 2002, Yitzy co-founded a niche telephone company called Omni Access, which he operated along with a partner until it was purchased in 2008. In 2003, Yitzy added Milano Collection Wigs to his portfolio of business start-ups and manages it together with his wife until today.

Yitzy is also the founder and president of Alacrity Energy, a solar energy consulting firm with nearly $20 million of solar energy installations.

Yitzy lives with his wife and five children in Long Beach, California where he served as president of Congregation Lubavitch for 7 years and is on the Long Beach Jewish Federation advisory council. He is a trustee of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and serves as an adviser to CHYE.

In this interview:

• Working in a corporation vs a small business
• Finding new business models in a crowded market
• Perspectives on Marketing
• Running two Businesses
• Being on the same page with your spouse
• Thinking long term from the get go

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This guy
Is a real inspiration
(1/21/2018 3:49:14 PM)
very inspirational
Great stuff
(1/22/2018 2:32:11 PM)
Honest, to the point, real, experienced, sharing wisdom. An example of the depth and spirituality in business.
(1/23/2018 1:52:09 AM)
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