Jan 14, 2018
The K-Factor with Mendel Meyers

The K-Factor: Veteran photographer Mendel Meyers on harnessing familial talents, marketing and the secret to great customer service.

The K-Factor podcast is produced by CHYE - Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news website COLlive.com.

The K-Factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders to make the "Keli" (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can grow their business aspirations.

Episode #12 "Grab the initiative":

Owner and photographer Mendel Meyers grew up in Amsterdam, Holland, in an atmosphere steeped in the artistic tradition. Counted among the many talented members of his immediate family are painters, designers, photographers, and writers. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Mr. Meyers chose an artistic endeavor as his life's work.

Moreover, his avid interest in people and the excitement of sharing the most important moments in their lives makes event photography the perfect outlet for his creative abilities.

"Growing up in a creative family had a profound effect on me. From the time I was a teenager, I knew that I wanted to express myself through the medium of photography. I feel that my photographic style is the result of a unique combination of European and American influences," he says.

In this interview:

* Harnessing familial talents
* Thoughts on Marketing
Secret to great customer service
The power of tzedakah
Setting priorities
Importance of an advisor

To recommend someone for an interview and to reach Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, email Rabbiw@chye.info


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Good customer
Amazing definitely encourage anybody and everybody to use him very good service and beautiful pictures never had any issues
(1/14/2018 9:12:10 PM)
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