Jan 12, 2018
Summer Torah Oasis in Melbourne

With summer currently in Australia, over 200 people spent their vacation days joining a Yarchei Kallah learning program.

During the hot summer months down under, many enjoy holidays with friends and family.

In Melbourne, many turned holidays into holy days by participating in Kollel Menachem's unique Yarchei Kallah Program. With over 7 daily shiurim for men and women, the 200 daily participants enjoyed fascinating presentations from local speakers and Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Reuven Wolf of Maayon Yisroel Los Angeles.

Rabbi Wolf Inspired the crowds with 2 daily lectures on a variety of topics from Moshiach to the Kabbalah of earning a livelihood. Over the course of his week-long stay Rabbi Wolf led Farbrengens for Anash, Shluchim and Ladies as well as speaking in Yeshivah Shule on Shabbos. Many commented on his ability to inspire and empower on a variety of topics with a focus on addressing and bringing Moshiach.

The program would begin with Chassidus, Shachris breakfast for men and topical and textual lectures from 9:45 am - 1:15 pm for men and women. Artfully laid out refreshments reinvigorated the crowd prior to the feature lecture at noon.

Kollel Menachem would like to thank all our participants, from near and far. Thank you to the presenters and scholar in residence for their dynamic presentations on a variety of topics.

Yarchei Kallah was made possible by our platinum partners, Charidy and Melbourne Office Supplies and our many other generous donors.

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Opinions and Comments
Very impressive
Looks like a professional JLI for anash.
Rabbi Wolf no doubt inspired the masses as he always does
(1/14/2018 5:32:46 PM)
All the talks were really good. I encourage all Anash to attend all of Kollel's shiurim during the year!
-Melbourne Chosid
(1/15/2018 9:56:16 PM)
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