Dec 31, 2017
The K-Factor With Dr. Levi Reiter

The K-Factor podcast: Audiologist Dr. Levi Reiter on using chutzpa for marketing, never writing off a client and being a chossid.

The K-Factor podcast is produced by CHYE - Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news website

The K-Factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders to make the "Keli" (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can grow their business aspirations.

Episode #10: "Building a private practice"

Dr. Levi Reiter is a board certified audiologist with a growing private practice, located in Crown Heights.

Dr. Reiter's reputation has drawn patients from the Metropolitan and international regions.

In addition, Dr. Reiter has been professor and Chairman of the Audiology program at Hofstra University and has been awarded the honorary title "Professor Emeritus."

He has mentored many of the audiologists in the metropolitan area and developed the world's first "Shabbos friendly" hearing aid.

He is perhaps most famous for discovering an ear disorder named after him, known as "Reiter's Ear-Kiss Syndrome" or REKS, a kiss on the ear creates a forcible suction, which can damage the delicate eardrum and cause irreversible damage.

In this interview:

• Breaking into a crowded market
• Using Chutzpa as a marketing tool
• Become a subject matter expert
• Never write off a client
• Being a chossid during business


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Opinions and Comments
Go Zaidy!!! Best Audiologist ever!!
Your accomplishments continue to amaze me (and all your grandchildren)! Love you!
(12/31/2017 8:20:10 PM)
Dr. Reiter is one of the top doctors I have to fortune to know.
Thank you Rabbi Werde for hosting him on your show!
He had a deep understanding of people, business and hearing!!
(12/31/2017 9:50:37 PM)
Dr Reiter
Dr Levi Reiter is one of the most brilliant yet humble of ppl I have ever met. He is a gentle, kind, sincere and dedicated top notch professional. We are blessed to have him in our midst. May he and his precious aishes chayil be blessed with long life, good health and yiddishe chassidishe nachas from their lovely family.
(1/1/2018 12:03:59 AM)
Gabbai Shaini
Dr Levi

Your softspoken style and your bren are truly amazing.thank you
(1/1/2018 9:34:36 AM)
Best one yet!
Dr Reiter, your wisdom, advice, chassidishkeit and professionalism always inspire me.
You gave me strength to continue in my business venture amongst major challenges.
Thank you!
(1/1/2018 12:06:22 PM)
Rabbi Dr Reiter is an amazing doctor, rabbi, and a real chossid!
yelchu mechayil el chayil!
(1/4/2018 1:49:01 PM)
Thank-you Rabbi Werde .....
Great interview of a truly great yet humble man
who has helped and continues to help so many. A truly devoted Chossid and brilliant professional. May the Aibishter bless Dr. Reiter and his wonderful Aishes Chayel with long life and good health together with their beautiful family.
(1/4/2018 8:05:27 PM)
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