Dec 24, 2017
The K-Factor With Berry Horowitz

The K-Factor podcast: Berry Horowitz of "Bunch O Bagels" and the defunct "Fish Fish And Cannoli" on success and failure.

The K-Factor podcast is produced by CHYE - Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news website

The K-Factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders to make the "Keli" (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can grow their business aspirations.

Episode #10: "Running a restaurant is no game"

Berry Horowitz is the founder and proprietor of "Bunch O Bagels," an iconic bagel shop in Crown Heights. He also owned the now-defunct "Fish Fish And Cannoli" on Empire Blvd.

After spending a year of Kollel in Tzfas, Horowitz came back to the U.S. looking to make his mark. Noticing a void in the Crown Heights for authentic New York bagels, "Bunch O Bagels" was born.

From the get-go, Bunch O Bagels has become a community mainstay offering kettle-boiled bagels, breakfast offerings, a full fish, pasta, sandwiches and salads menu. Horowitz is the father of 4 and lives with his family in the Five Towns, NY.

In this interview:

* Believing in your vision
* Running two businesses at once
* Coming up with great recipes
* Going with your gut
* Finding the success in failure


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Opinions and Comments
thank you!!
Berry, I've been a buncho fan since the early days and really enjoyed your talk.

Just my 2 cents: I've watched the evolution of fish fish and cannoli. My personal feeling is that the branding was very poor and didnt give the store enough of a chance. First impressions are lasting impressions and I think many didnt even walk through the door because it looked mom and pop or less, like you'd be served frozen fish sticks, and I'm super surprised to hear now that it was actually high end.

Do it again, you have what it takes. But dont skimp on the branding.
(12/24/2017 9:05:11 PM)
Your bagel store is good. But please experiment with your recipe and make the bagels less dry.
(12/25/2017 8:26:07 AM)
Fish Fish
I was at the fish fish and cannolI place, they served frozen breaded tilapia deep fried and frozen fish sticks deep fried, which tasted okay but was not worth the high prices charged. People want this type of stuff but not at the prices charged. Do it again with fair pricing and you will make bunch o gelt!
(12/25/2017 8:40:55 AM)
Best breakfast special in crown heights. All the employees are very friendly and it makes for a nice friendly environment to enjoy your food.
(12/26/2017 10:59:40 AM)
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