Dec 14, 2017
L'Chaim: Hayes - Soffer

The L'Chaim of Yitzy Hayes of Ottawa, Canada and Toiby Soffer of Crown Heights took place at the Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights.

Mazel Tov to the parents, Head Shliach of Ottawa Rabbi Dovid and Chana Hayes and Reb Yossi and Mica Soffer, owners of

Mazel Tov to the grandparents, Rabbi Chaim Osher and Sarah Kahanov of Crown Heights, Rabbi Yechezkel and Sarah Soffer of Jerusalem, Israel, Rabbi Shmarya and Rivka Katzen of Crown Heights.

Event design by Chani Greenbaum events

Photos: Shmuel Amit, Nachman Blizinsky

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Opinions and Comments
Mazal tov! Beautiful!
Mazal Tov

Happy Chanukah! Happy Life! Binyan adai ad
(12/14/2017 12:38:43 PM)
Mazel Tov !!
wishing my dear friend Mica and her husband Rabbi Yossi Soffer on the engagement of Toby to Yitzy Hayes mazel to the entire family beautiful Simcha
Binyan adai ad
Rabbi Y and Rivky, Bassy and Chony Belinow
(12/14/2017 2:48:34 PM)
Mazal tov !!!!
Wishing our dear friends Yossi and Mica a hearty Mazal tov and all the brachos on the occasion of the engagement of Toby to Yitzi. May you always have simchas and brachos and all the Rebbes brachos should be mekuyam! Wishing the Chosson and Kallah all the brachos! Binyan adei ad ! Love Shternie and Shimi Althaus and family ,Sydney Australia 🇦🇺
(12/15/2017 12:19:19 AM)
Mazel Tov!
Wonderful exciting news!
So great to see this Simcha!
Wishing continues brachos, Simchos, and Hatzlacha to all, Soffer, Katzen, Hayes, and Kahanov families!
(12/16/2017 8:11:30 PM)
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