Dec 5, 2017
'Rebbe's Biggest Financial Miracle'
Rabbi Cunin in the Rebbe's room during the Kinus Hashluchim * Photo: Shneur Shif

California's Head Shliach Rabbi Shlomo Cunin wrote a letter to Shluchim which is very much written as a lively farbrengen.

ום ט"ז כסלו וימי הבהיר י"ט כסלו וימי חנוכה ה'תשע"ח

Tayere Shluchim שיחיו,

I write to you in the days preceding the incredible Yom Tov of י"ט כסלו, the ראש השנה לחסידות. And just like ראש השנה, the שערי שמים are open during ימי י"ט כסלו. So let us do what we can to make an end of this galus immediately and let us use the power we have of חג הגאולה and bring about מסמך גאולה לגאולה.

Attached please find a letter from Rabbi Yehuda Krinksy in the name of Agudas Chasidei Chabad regarding the Seforim of the Rebbe. The war for their liberation is in full swing. Much thanks to Rabbis Yosef Nissan and Chaim Nochum Cunin and Rabbi Yosef Aharonov for their tireless efforts in this war. It is very important, during these days of liberation, that we gave Tzedaka and buy seforim to merit גאולת הספרים/גאולת האמיתית והשלמה

It is important to keep all the תקנות of י"ט כסלו, including making and participating in farbrengens, organizing and taking part in חלוקת הש"ס, etc.

On י"ט כסלו , as the Alter Rebbe (whose name שניאור, reflects the two lights of Torah, the revealed and concealed) was saying the posuk in Tehillim of ואני אבטח בך, he was informed of his release, פדה בשלום נפשי and that the קיטרוג against him was defeated.

This is a message we can apply to ourselves in these last difficult days of this bitter galus, that ואני אבטח בך, our simple Bitachon with Simcha will carry us through the travels and travails we go through on a moment to moment basis.

Many years ago, in these days, when the situation was very bad and it seemed impossible to go forward; we received the special message from the Rebbe of כלים ריקים אל תמעיטי, to create Kelim.

I started listing various ideas and for each one I heard an audible "neh." Finally, I said: I have two healthy feet and I will go with Emunah, Simcha and Bitachon until I find the miracle - at that I heard the Rebbe say "oh-ho, oh-ho!".

We knocked on door after door with Emunah, Simcha and Bitachon, which resulted in a $21 million settlement of the Hermine Weinberg estate, the biggest financial ness of the Rebbe's ongoing נשיאות and which the Rebbe said ואתה ובניך תחיו בנותר until the coming of Moshiach.

With this Bitachon, I went looking yesterday for my daily Tefillin customer, which Hashem helps me find, to fulfill the Rebbe’s instructions of טוט אלץ וואס איר קענט צו ברענגען משיח.

I went to the local gas station and after many Sheva Mitzvos cards, I saw a man with two young boys, whom after asking, I ascertained was Jewish and that the older boy was soon to have his bar mitzvah.

I said to them come with me to my car and I will show you what a real bar mitzvah is. I then had a beautiful farbrengen with them explaining the Mitzva of Tefillin. The father put on the Tefillin with such Simcha and he promised he would start doing Tefillin at least once a week. He was so grateful and thanked me so profusely.

Quite interestingly, when I showed him my Tefillin bag and explained that the building on the bag is 770 the Rebbe’s headquarters and that we have our own 770 replica here in Westwood, both boys piped up and said they know that building, that is where they went for the Matzah factory. ואתם תלוקטו לאחד אחד בני ישראל and the Rebbe shows his hand.

We are now in the final days of preparation for Chanukah. Let us see to place Chanukah Menorahs wherever we can, stores, malls, etc. and to arrange for as many public lightings as we can. הנרות הללו אינן בטלין לעולם. The Rebbe keeps our lights shining brightly so we can weather all the storms around us.

In these last moments of this bitter galus, we pray to Hashem that we should be בשמחה וטוב לבב מתוך בריאות הנכונה and we pray that Hashem grant בריאות הנכונה to all those that need a רפואה שלמה, and in particular to any Shliach or Shlucha, including my Rebbetzin אדל מרים בת בלומא לאה, that needs a רפואה שלמה. Again thank you all for your past and future Tefillos and Mivtzoim done in her merit and in the merit of all חולי ישראל.

With our Simcha and our incredible unity, we immediately demand from Hashem the Geulah now. May we be זוכה to our seeing the hand of the Rebbe immediately ונזכה זעהן זיך מיט׳ן רבי׳ן נשמה מלובש בגוף גשמי למטה מעשרה טפחים והוא יגאלנו. With the Rebbe taking us out of galus along with all the Rebbe’s ספרים כתבים וחפצים and to be in the בית המקדש השלישי in ירושלים, where we will see מנורת זהב כלה וגלה על ראשה. And there we will be זוכה to farbreng together with the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin.

And all of this, in the words of the Rebbe, in a manner of לכתחלה אריבער און אריבער.

Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Eliyahu Cunin

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Thanks for sharing
Rabbi Cunin is an inspiration! Lets get the seforim back!!!
(12/5/2017 11:19:22 PM)
שפיגל ירושלים
I was part of the 21 million and will be Iyhm part of the billions to come very soon.Berel Weiss told me billions and Rabbi Raichik OBM always answered Awemain👀👀👀👍👍👍👍
(12/6/2017 12:56:25 AM)
The Rebbe
Did, does, and will do much bigger financial blessings and miracles all the time, perhaps 21 million is a big revealed one but hardly an exception
(12/6/2017 6:46:36 AM)
I had the zechus
I want a Bachur..shliach back in early 80s when Rabbi Cunins Chabad house had a fire...the amazing way he pulled clear he rides on the Rebbe,s shoulderrs...
A true the full sense
Yhi ration. Sheykuyam. Omen V,omen
(12/6/2017 9:00:31 AM)
Thank you Rabbi Cunin - may we live up to this fully
Your words are so inspiring and from the heart, and they give light, koach and joy to help us do the Rebbe's work as you do with so much emunah, bitochin and emes.
(12/6/2017 4:28:29 PM)
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