Dec 5, 2017
Shomer Shabbos on Times Square
Photos: Itzik Roytman/COLlive

Lubavitchers Shloime and Alyson Feldman launched a posh eyewear shop in New York's Times Square and it will be proudly closed on Shabbos.

By COLlive reporter
Photos: Itzik Roytman/COLlive

Hollywood actors, fashion aficionados and social media influencers took part in the official opening of a flagship shop of the Privé Revaux eyewear and sunglasses company in New York City on Monday.

And a pivotal part of the hip and urban decor of the store at 120 West 42nd Street, made up of "sets" where customers can try on sunglasses and pose for photos, is a large Mezuzah on the front door.

This is the first brick-and-mortar shop opened for the company that was founded by entrepreneur David Schottenstein in an effort to disrupt the eyewear market and to lower its inflated prices.

Schottenstein partnered with actors Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson to launch over 100 handcrafted and polarized designer frames, each costing only $29.95.

Its creative directors Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn bring trendy styling expertise along with design prowess working with world-renowned luxury brands to create Privé Revaux’s glasses.

"This is the first product that is designer level quality, including the brand name, and priced at a level that when you buy them you don't feel like you are getting ripped off," Schottenstein says.

While the brand has been hugely successful online, Schottenstein worked with Shloime and Alyson Feldman of Crown Heights to open a number of kiosks and the Times Square flagship store.

"It's been an amazing Kiddush Hashem," Alyson Feldman told at the launch party, which served kosher food. "We are the only store in Times Square that closes for Shabbos. All week long it's hustling and bustling, and then, Friday before Shabbos, we just close shop."

Prior to the official opening, the store has been operating for 5 weeks "and we've been crazy busy," Feldman says. "It's been a huge success since we opened. Sometimes, we have to make a line outside."

The store is also attracting many Jewish passersby, who notice the large Mezuzah on the front door, and "are filled with pride when they see it, and find out that we are Jewish," Feldman says.

"This area has a lot of pop-up stores because it's a coveted location. We leased it as a test run while we have kiosks in other locations such as Roosevelt Field, Walt Whitman, and Garden State Malls, and three others in Aventura, Florida."

Next week, the company will be selling prescription lenses at cost price, Schottenstein told

"When you buy designer sunglasses, you know you're paying way more than you should be," Schottenstein says. "Our customers are price savvy, and they know about getting a good deal."

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Opinions and Comments
Yechi Capitalism!
Thank God for Free-Market Capitalism.

Much Success to David and CO.
(12/5/2017 7:17:51 PM)
Nifty Nogginz
Wishing much hatzlacha to the Feldman’s in their new venture! A beautiful family! All the best!!
(12/5/2017 7:44:26 PM)
Mazel tov, Mazel tov
May we hear only good things about this venture.
(12/5/2017 7:52:42 PM)
Exactly what do they sell
When it says they are selling prescription glasses does that mean only sunglasses or regular glasses too
(12/5/2017 8:18:43 PM)
You were always destined for great things. You go girl!
(12/5/2017 9:05:00 PM)
One super woman
Alyson, u look like a movie star yourself
(12/6/2017 5:51:23 AM)
Kiddush hashem
Eda, so classy as always. Your look proves one can be modest without sacrificing an ounce of glam.
(12/6/2017 9:56:50 AM)
Leave it to the Feldmans, they will get it done!
(12/6/2017 12:02:47 PM)
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