Dec 5, 2017
The Tractates the Rebbe Took
Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky holding the 1951 Chalukas Hashas sign

A sign hung in 770 shows the Gemaras the Rebbe took upon himself to study; Chassidim are called to join the Chalukas Hashas.

By COLlive reporter

Lubavitch chassidim worldwide will be participating this week in the annual Chalukas Hashas (division of Talmud study) as instituted by the Alter Rebbe, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Throughout the years, the Rebbe would mentioned the great merit of completing at least one mesechta from Yud‐Tes Kislev to Yud‐Tes Kislev and encouraged everyone to take part.

"Every year at the farbrengen, special cards were distributed on which the assembled would write their name and the tractate chosen," Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky wrote on behalf of Machne Israel Development Fund, which coordinates the initiative.

"The Rebbe, too, would fill out such a card and include it the collection of the hundreds of cards collected at the farbrengen," says Rabbi Krinsky who served as the Rebbe's Mazkir.

In fact, a photo shared with shows Rabbi Krinsky holding the Machne Israel Chalukas Hashas sign from 1951 which which was prominently displayed in the shul in 770. It states the two tractates that the Rebbe took to learn: Sukkos and Sanhedrin.

Select the mesechta you have chosen to study (bli‐neder) till Yud‐Tes Kislev 5779 at


The 'Vehogisa' program, a branch of Igud Yeshivos, with the help of has created a community-wide Chalukas Hashas, inviting Shuls around the world to choose a Masechta, give a Shiur on it once a week and thus complete the Masechta over the year.

Between 37 Shuls the entire Shas will be completed.

Masechtos are being distributed on a first come first served basis. So please register here:

There are many approaches to finishing Shas. Some learn Daf Yomi finishing Shas over 7 and a half years, others learn Omud Yomi, finishing Sha"s Leiyun over 15 years amongst others.

The Alter Rebbe asked for a different approach; that each individual in a community take a Masecha, thus collectively the entire community will finish Shas.

When something needs a collective act to achieve a goal, all people involved are equally responsible for said goal.

For those who would prefer a Shiur in Gemora, ‘Vehogisa’ created a Chaluka between Shuls.

Shuls are invited to take a Masechta, and have a Shiur in it during the year. Sha”s will be completed through the Shuls collectively.

Masechtos are being distributed on a first come first served basis. So please register here:

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Opinions and Comments
In 1951 it was the 24 0f Teives = till 1953
(12/5/2017 12:01:39 PM)
The Rebbe
Always took Sanhedrin
(12/5/2017 12:07:23 PM)
Nice Chart
Nice. the Handwriting on the Chart is from the Rebbes secretary Rabbi SImpson. He always took care of the Rebbe's Chalukas hashas
(12/5/2017 2:00:38 PM)
Chalukas hashas
Rabbi Sholom mendel Simpson 'ůé , The Rebbes Maskir once related that each year he would provide the Rebbe with a list of all the participant's in the chalukas Hashas. There was 1 chaluka and people participated in this 1 chalukah from all over the world. Cities from around the globe would send in their lists to join the chalukah in 770 with the Rebbe. This continues till this day bh, With a huge list hanging in 770 as always.
When a shul was able to complete their own chalukah they would many times do it on their own.
(12/5/2017 4:26:40 PM)
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