Nov 14, 2017
Tzeirei Hashluchim Releases Song

Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim released a new song as young shluchim prepare for their trip to New York with a Hachana program.

By COLlive reporter

The annual Kinus Hashluchim is just days away, and once again the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim by the Shluchim Office has released a new theme song.

The song connects with the theme of this year's Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim - , which stresses the constant empowerment from the Rebbe of each Shliach, and the continued presence of the Rebbe now.

Also, already underway, hundreds of young Shluchim have begun to prepare for their trip by participating in the Hachana program that the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim has released. Details can be found at

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim extends a special thanks to Shneur Zalman Minkowitz, Shliach in Chevy Chase, MD, who composed the lyrics to the song, as well as Eli Marcus who recorded the vocals and Chony Milecki for the music.

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Produced by: The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, The Shluchim Office
Lyrics by: Shneur Zalman Minkowitz
Music: Chony Milecki
Vocals: Eli Marcus

T.T.T.O. Rosh Chodesh Kislev Niggun

Shluchim have come again
Some may remember when
At the first kinus[1]
Hundreds came to be

The Rebbe stood by his place
A shine on his holy face
Speaking with Nachas
To his family

The Rosh Benei Yisroel, our heart and mind[2]
The life of a Rebbe, by a Guf is not defined[3]
You taught us that Brachos are flowing as before[4]
And that your presence is with us even more[5]

To end our[6] Galus, treasures[7] you have spent
We carry your banner, " "[8]
Rebbe your Koach, your holy glow
Is only getting stronger, continuing to grow

Look and see
You are within us when we reach new places[9]
This year your picture has 4 thousand faces
Rebbe we display, that you lead the way[10]
" "[11] stronger every day

Look and see
Af Hu-Ba-Chaim
A shepherd faithful to your generation[12]
You care for every Jew in every nation
No place is too small, no one is to far
This is your mission, this is who you are[13]


[1] Referring to the first International KInus Hashluchim in 5748-1987

[2] Based on Tanya - Perek 2. Likutei Sichos Chelek 31 pg. 74.

[3] Tanya, Igeres Hakodesh Letter 27. Sichah -Yud Shvat 5726 (Toras Menachem pg. 23). Likutei SIchos Chelek 26 -Shmos

[4] Tanya ibid. Igros Kodesh Letter dated 16 Elul 5711. Sichos Kodesh 5740 pg. 117

[5] Tanya ibid. In the Rebbes Sichos, this concept is explained at great length, Particularly in the Yud Shvat Sichos.

[6] Explained in Pelach Harimon (Shmos pg.7) and eluded to in the Mamer Veata Tetzave (5741) Os Tes, that the Churban did not effect the Rashbi and other lofty Neshamos

[7] Basi Legani 5748. (The concept of Bizbuz Haotzros)

[8] Sichah - 28 Nissan 5751

[9] Sichah - Yud Shvat 5726

[10] Sichah - Yud Bais Tamuz 5711

[11] Yechidus to Orchim - 14 Tammuz 5745

[12] Letter, 28 Adar 5710. Sicha - Yud Shvat 5714

[13] Sichah - Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Beshalach 5739. Yechidus to Orchim - 14 Tammuz 5745

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Opinions and Comments
And Berel Bendet?
Why is Bendets name not in this article? He made this song happen?
(11/14/2017 11:31:53 AM)
May we be zoche....
to see the Rebbe in a guf again
Thank you so much for the beautiful song
(11/14/2017 12:21:49 PM)
Shneur Zalman!
Your best yet. Keep it up!
(11/14/2017 1:22:07 PM)
Loved the song,
So beautiful, Hatzlacha Rabba!
(11/14/2017 1:23:34 PM)
And tune so appropriate for kinus and the amazing work the shluchim do
and for shnas ha'arboyim of Rosh Chodesh kislev
We want Moshiach NOW!
(11/14/2017 2:07:59 PM)
Shneur Zalman - Amazing!
Yasher koach Shneur Zalman Minkowitz!
The song is filled with toichen.
A niggun with marei mekomois. Wow!
It's not only for Tzerei Hashluchim, this niggun inspires every chosid.
Yasher koach to the entire outstanding crew for organizing the unforgettable Kinus Tzerei Hashluchim.
(11/14/2017 7:59:58 PM)
Shluchim office !!!
Stronger and better than ever !
Keep doing the great work !
(11/14/2017 8:54:03 PM)
Thank you to everyone involved!
Its not so easy to put a great Rebbe like ours ,and describe Him in a song that is limited by virtue of the fact that it is a song .
But this song goes a long way. The words touches the neshama,and hopefully will inspire the kids who sing it to maase bpoel
(11/15/2017 2:00:02 PM)
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