Nov 13, 2017
How a Rabbi's Memoir Saved a Life

Watch: Israeli Rabbi Israel Meir Lau recounts a chilling letter he received from a wounded Israeli soldier on the verge of death.

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, one of the youngest survivors of Buchenwald, was just eight years old when he was liberated in 1945.

Descended from a 1,000-year unbroken chain of rabbis, he grew up to become Chief Rabbi of Israel, and like many of the great rabbis, Rabbi Lau is a master storyteller.

Out of the Depths is his harrowing, miraculous, and inspiring account of life in one of the Nazis' deadliest concentration camps, and how he managed to survive against all possible odds. Rabbi Lau also chronicles his life after the war.

This keynote address took place at the 12th annual National Jewish Retreat. For more information and to register for the next retreat, visit:

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Opinions and Comments
Rav Lau speaks as few others can.
I'm both moved to tears and enormously inspired at the same time. How fortunate the attendees of the retreat were. Thank you!
(11/13/2017 9:53:00 PM)
A must watch, unreal
(11/14/2017 7:44:39 AM)
What a story. EVERYONE must watch and learn.
(11/14/2017 11:08:53 AM)
beyond words
words from the heart enter the heart !!.must watch!!!
(11/14/2017 11:39:14 AM)

Tremendous story.My father was there. Every survivors child should see.dry bones remarkable👍👏👏👏
(11/14/2017 12:09:00 PM)
What a beautiful speech!!!
Thanks you for posting!
(11/14/2017 7:59:32 PM)
Thank you
Incredible orator! A must listen to!! Speechless & inspired!
(11/15/2017 3:20:09 PM)
Brilliantly delivered
Very inspiring and important for us to hear.
Thank you for this.
(11/15/2017 11:26:49 PM)
thank you
amazing beyond amazing. thank you for sharing and posting rabbi lau's speech! a must for every jewish person!
(11/16/2017 6:36:25 PM)
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