Nov 13, 2017
What If My Child Always Gives Up

Watch: Mrs. Dena Gorkin, renowned educator and founder of Bnos Chomesh Academy in Crown Heights, presents educational insights every parent should watch. Part 3: Tasting Success.

When we see a child who gives up very easily, how do we motivate them to succeed?

After many experiences of failing, the child doesn’t know what success tastes like. Give her tastes of success, and a motivation will come from within.

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Great Advice!
Thank you for sharing....just wish all schools goals would be the success of each student- not just grades on exams
(11/14/2017 7:03:44 AM)
Thank you
Such great advice! Brilliant way of dealing with this problem, thank you for sharing,! If only the yeshivos and schools could adapt this
(11/14/2017 11:07:41 AM)
Thanks for posting
These are so practical and easy to watch and implement.
(11/14/2017 1:35:03 PM)
I am crying right now...

I have never been more inspired in my life/ *sniff

now I know there is hope for my children.

Rebbitzen, you rock!

from the frankelsteins of Kensington.
(11/16/2017 3:01:25 PM)
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