Nov 13, 2017
Coffee with Miryam: How to Win

Acclaimed speaker Miryam Swerdlov presents a new web series - enter her Crown Street kitchen and leave uplifted from the sweet blend of Chassidus and humor. This week: How To Win, Everytime.

Acclaimed speaker and mechaneches, Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov is going the distance in a new video series: Coffee With Miryam.

At any convenient hour, enter a Crown Street kitchen and leave uplifted from the sweet blend of Chassidus and humor. From the comfort of your home join conversations on topics that are relevant to all yidden across the spectrum.

Ranging from cheesecake to teshuva and everything in between. This bi-weekly video series will empower you, leaving you energized with a brew of relevance and humor, enveloped in the aroma of Torah.

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Opinions and Comments
I love these clips I wait for them everyday. Please dont stop! These small vertlach and lessons help me through my day. Thanks
(11/13/2017 4:49:44 PM)
Mrs. Swerdlov
Your clips are amazing.
(11/13/2017 5:38:17 PM)
love these clips
I find myself watching repeatedly. fantastic Morah Swerdlov
(11/13/2017 5:52:22 PM)
A heavy one. Bec it reaches v deep. Thanks for the chizuk.
Appreciate you taking the time.
Ps what brand of coffee do you drink?😁
(11/13/2017 5:59:58 PM)
Thank You!
G-D grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference" (Anon)
(11/13/2017 6:23:40 PM)
From your Pupa student
Thans. I really needed this. May you be gebentched.
(11/13/2017 6:33:47 PM)
Thank You
Thank you Miriyam for your words of Chizuk!!!!
(11/13/2017 7:14:17 PM)
Thank You!
Beautifully said. Thank you.
(11/13/2017 8:09:54 PM)
Always says it like it is
(11/13/2017 8:39:52 PM)
The food for thought the encouragement to do what I need to do no matter how hard. Keep inspiring us... we're struggling... we're trying... we need to know we can do it!!
(11/13/2017 9:08:04 PM)
so beautiful
Lately I've had some challenges and it's easy to get down about them, but this video reminded me the most important thing: simcha poretz geder!!!!!!
(11/13/2017 9:08:11 PM)
Always a pleasure!
I look forward to your videos, short and sweet,
(11/13/2017 10:26:56 PM)
Good Stuff!
Enjoy your clips. A little bit more humor possibly? That's something you're great at. Btw where do you get your beautiful outfits from? They are very regal with good taste! Continue with this great project and yes OF COURSE Moshiach NOW!
(11/14/2017 3:40:17 AM)
Well done
Crystal clear message of positivity, Milichatchila ariber. TQ
(11/14/2017 5:58:01 AM)
A thoughtful and dear person called Miryam
I have tears flowing down my face as you speak.
I am going through a very tough period in my life and thought
"That's it, I give up" but then I heard this segment, of which I never miss one week, and I thought that I will try again. I will try and fix what I can and leave that which I cannot .
Thank you again,Miryam for being so perceptive and to the point about life.
(11/14/2017 6:41:42 AM)
Yasher koach
Best video out there on the web.

Thank You.

I'm waiting for our next coffee!!

Miriam, you are changing people's lives, for the better future!!
(11/14/2017 10:44:43 AM)
From miryam
You are all making me cry. Thank you! And remember , with Simcha we can get out of whatever we need. To reach me personally,
(11/14/2017 11:51:53 AM)

(11/14/2017 2:12:21 PM)
As usual!!! Mrs Swerdlov, these lessons you teach are amazing and really help us in day to day life
(11/14/2017 10:16:41 PM)
Thank you!!
Exactly what I needed to hear today! In fact I'm going to listen to it a few more times! Thank you!! Keep them coming!
(11/15/2017 12:23:39 PM)
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