Nov 2, 2017
Wedding: Hurwitz - Raitman
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

The wedding of Shmuly Hurwitz of Crown Heights and Devora Raitman of Melbourne, Australia took place at Oholei Torah Hall in Crown Heights.

Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

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the most extravagant and level wedding!
Wow! Where do I begin? From the layout to the backdrops and the exquisite designs, all the way to the energy at this wedding!! So lebedik and frelich ,I never danced as much as I did this night! Mazal tov!! Hurwitz family are beautiful people inside and out! Real JEMS!
(11/2/2017 9:01:20 AM)
Joseph I
Good times!
(11/2/2017 6:47:39 PM)
Beautiful chasuneh
May the chosson and kallah’s mazal shine throughout their long life together!!
(11/2/2017 7:54:51 PM)
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