Oct 24, 2017
Alenbi Opens to Booked Nights

The new Alenbi restaurant is already booked for the next 2 weeks with reservations. "They are raising the bar," says one client.

By COLlive reporter

Newly opened and the hottest reservation in town.

The trendy new restaurant Alenbi in Crown Heights has opened this week to crowds of delighted customers on Sunday night after a week-long soft opening.

During the first week, friends and family were invited to sample the Israeli cuisine, while staff received training so that they were prepared to offer impeccable service when the restaurant opened to customers this week.

Now open every evening from 5:30-11:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday, the restaurant will be taking reservations online beginning Sunday at alenbikitchen.com, but walk-ins are welcome.

Owner Yuda Schlass says the restaurant is booked for the next two weeks with reservations from both local and out-of-town clientele.

But he said those who can't wait to sample the upscale Mediterranean cuisine by Israeli Chef Elior Balbul can find a way around it.

"From 5:30-7:00 pm is a good time for walk-ins, since the restaurant hasn't filled up with the evening crowds yet," he told COLlive.com.

Schlass says the restaurant has been full throughout the nights, since opening, with customers' reactions even better than he anticipated.

"People love the space and the ambiance, which is modern and yet very homey," Schlass says, with the open kitchen really drawing customers who can watch the chef as he creates the dishes from colorful and fresh ingredients.

"They love that the food has somewhat familiar flavors, yet they are new style dishes," Schlass says. "Many have told me that this is definitely something that was missing from the Kosher market," he says.

"It's so exciting to have a restaurant of this caliber, which is Kosher and right here in our neighborhood," Chana Blumes, a photographer who lives in Crown Heights, told COLlive.com.

Blumes was impressed with the presentation and taste of the dishes, as well as the overall experience. "The way the dishes are plated is beautiful, and the flavor combinations are unique and something most people may not have tried before," she said.

Her favorites are the falafel tartare, "simple yet with complex flavors, at the same time," as well as the freshly baked Moroccan-style Frena bread with dips such as crushed tomato, tahini and harissa, all made in house.

"They are really raising the bar for Kosher restaurants, not only for food but also for ambience. This is not your average steakhouse. You really feel that they put a lot of work into every detail," Blumes said.

The restaurant's liquor license is still pending until November.

Address: 887 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (347) 529-3739
Kashrus: OK Kosher

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Opinions and Comments
BS"D Oh the good old days when food looked like food,when food was food
(10/24/2017 7:26:08 PM)
The new avoda zara,

(10/24/2017 7:57:15 PM)
Tzvi Lang
Fabulous restaurant!!!!
(10/24/2017 8:06:34 PM)
whats the hechsher
of this place
(10/24/2017 8:08:55 PM)
I spy RLS
You go girl!
(10/24/2017 8:12:03 PM)
who owns the restaurant? which hasgocho does it have? nostrand between which 2 streets is the restaurant?
(10/24/2017 8:14:33 PM)
Bereishit was Moshe Marty and The Cauldron, Meir Michel Abehsera and The Paradox Cafe...and where-did-old-east-village-subcultures go? Crown Heights......

L.Y. Garbose
(10/24/2017 8:35:20 PM)
they should use gloves all who prepare the food
(10/24/2017 8:42:41 PM)
What hashgacha is the meat?
As far as I know OK doesnt have their own OK certified meat, where's the meat from?
(10/24/2017 8:45:07 PM)
Big Z Schapiro
#2 the Hechsher is OK Kosher
(10/24/2017 9:18:34 PM)
Yuda makes the best food ever you should have lots of Mazal and always be full
(10/24/2017 9:39:01 PM)
Very nice...
But: it has come to a point where we are literally worshiping food and it's not Ok! Food is there and is a tool to help us, we are abusing this special tool and bringing it to a whole new level.
(10/24/2017 9:48:20 PM)
Sunflower state
# 12. I think it is great. Elevating food ie kosher food giving people opportunity to bring Kedusha, it is parnasa too and good clean fun too. Also everyone needs something to look forward to for special occasion
(10/24/2017 10:50:39 PM)
Right outlook! This place looks great and is doing a fabulous job elevating all that delicious food and making it kedusha
(10/24/2017 11:09:04 PM)
Went with my husband, was amazing food
Great vibe and great service!!!
(10/24/2017 11:47:14 PM)
Food Worship is Out of Control
B"H, it is kosher, tasteful and offers diners the opportunity to celebrate special occasions and to elevate the sparks of kedusha within the food, albeit with proper kavanah. This being said: food in the frum community has become an obsession, giving tribute to the nefesh ha'bahamis at a new level. We all enjoy tasteful and delectable morsels, but let's not go over-board and make food into an obsession.
(10/25/2017 12:38:25 AM)
(10/25/2017 3:48:08 AM)
do you walk out starving?
very trendy and high brow. question is, do they give you enough food to eat or is it art for art sake, very small portions, tastfully done aka good feng shui? Or afterwards are you still faminished and run for the first corn beef sandwich down the street...???
(10/25/2017 9:13:24 AM)
to #18
I have the same question. Do you walk out starving? I live out of town and my friends convinced me that I must go to Pardes Restaurant (which is now closed) Although the vibe was nice and the Dishes were presented beautifully, The portions were skimpy and I walked out starving. Never went back again.
(10/25/2017 12:05:58 PM)
so very American .
I've just finished supper , veg soup , deep fried schnitzel , mashed potatoes , peas , compot and a delicious hot ribena with choc cornflakes ( all homemade ) and that's good enough for me !
Guess where i'm from ?? 🤣
(10/25/2017 1:46:41 PM)
Looks beautiful
Portions look tiny
Like bite sized
I'm looking for a beautiful delicious reasonable prices and nice portions
You seem to have first two
How are the second two?
Hatzlacha Rabbah I hope you do amazing looks great all the Brochos
(10/25/2017 4:04:54 PM)
mazel tov-the rhodes family
from strength to strength!
(10/26/2017 12:43:42 AM)
Food is great, the restaurant is awesome, if you dont like it or cant afford it, thats fine but dont publicly list your anguish, shavuah tov!
See yall @alenbi
(10/27/2017 7:42:07 AM)
#16 Blame the magazines...
Mishpocha, Ami, and Binah started this with their ridiculous food spreads and photos, then way too many food blogs, and now a ridiculous amount of cookbooks one outdoing the other. That's what started this food obsession.

This type of over-the-top rich food is highly addictive. Be careful!
(10/27/2017 9:25:52 AM)
why can't people just enjoy life?
There are no issues here. Everything is kosher and looks great. Be happy!
(10/30/2017 2:37:01 AM)
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