Oct 10, 2017
New Photos of the Historic Mission

New photos and documents were unearthed ahead of the reunion of the group of Shluchim sent after the Kfar Chabad terror attack.

New photos and documents relating to the upcoming historic reunion have been discovered.

In preparation for the upcoming historic reunion of the twelve shluchim sent by the Rebbe to Eretz Yisroel in 5716/1956, set to take place this Sunday, 25 Tishrei, in Crown Heights, a comprehensive, full color, teshura was prepared which will be distributed at the event.

In preparation for this teshura, organizers have interviewed several of the shluchim themselves, as well as chassidim who lived in Eretz Yisroel at the time and experienced the tremendous effect of this mission first-hand.

Many never-before-published photos, documents, and newspaper clippings from that period have been found in the archives of the shluchim, and were now scanned and are being published for the very first time.

Bochurim, Anash, and guests are excitedly gearing up to participate in this special panel. The organizers thank the Shluchim, as well as the Yemei Tmimim Archive, who have shared these historical items.

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(10/11/2017 7:39:12 AM)
Will there be a live viewing online?
For those of us not in crown heights.
(10/11/2017 9:25:55 AM)
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