Oct 10, 2017
Dancing On the Verrazano Bridge

Bochurim stuck in a traffic jam on the Verrazano Bridge set up their Sukkah Mobile and spread the joy of the Sukkos holiday to all.

All lanes of the upper level of the Brooklyn-bound side of the Verrazano Bridge were blocked Monday night causing traffic delays.

Included in the jam, which stretched for almost five miles, was a Sukkah mobile, returning from a day of Mivtzoim in the Staten Island area.

Seeing that the jam was not clearing up anytime soon, the bochurim in the Sukkah mobile got to work, and setup their mobile Sukkah right there.

They attracted much positive attention from other motorists stuck on the road. Being that it was already after nightfall, they couldn't shake the Lulav with others, but that didn't stop them from dancing and distributing cake and drinks to those around them.

Jewish travelers were able to hop into the Sukkah for a bite to eat as supper time went by with traffic still not moving.

The sight of the lit up musical mobile Sukkah amidst the standstill brought a smile to frustrated drivers crawling through the traffic, and one driver even said it was worthwhile to spend a little longer getting home just to see the Sukkah.

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Opinions and Comments
shmulik fryman is the best !!!
(10/10/2017 1:21:35 PM)
eli weiss???
(10/10/2017 1:28:35 PM)
Yasher koach
Where do they go on Staten Island? A lot of people take their kids on the ferry on chol hamoed.
(10/10/2017 1:47:19 PM)
Hurray for these fantastic Bochurim!
You're right on target to bring Moshiach, making an otherwise discouraging traffic jam spiritually uplifting for all! Hatzlacha Rabba, Yasher Choach to you guys, !!
(10/10/2017 1:52:44 PM)
BS"D where would the world be without Lubavitch
(10/10/2017 2:18:25 PM)
Big Z Schapiro
Wow that is so awesome cool thank you for sharing with us
(10/10/2017 2:48:37 PM)
BH beautiful
That is just great! BH for the shluchim
(10/10/2017 3:04:04 PM)
What an amazing kiddush Hashem!
(10/10/2017 3:19:25 PM)
Thank you Shmulik freiman your the best!
(10/10/2017 4:07:00 PM)
Sukka mobile
Without chaim levilev and his devoted team, none of this would be possible!! A big yasher koach.
And also all the drivers that dedicated so many hours to this important mivtzoim.
(10/10/2017 4:10:58 PM)
Sukkah mobile
Yes chaim levilev is the best bachur in lubavitch!! He single handedly got the sukkah mobiles up and running ,got the drivers and dealt with all the shluchim
Yashar koach chaim!
(10/10/2017 5:31:23 PM)
The Bochurim were:

Eli Weiss
Mendel Weiss
Izzy Adelist
(10/10/2017 6:16:15 PM)
Best memories at the best Shluchim
Best memories going over the Verazzano Bridge to help the wonderful Katzman's of SI, Emesseh Shluchim of the Rebbe. Warm, Ehrlich and turning over the Island.
(10/10/2017 6:17:08 PM)
Great to see this!
Baruch HaShem!!!
Loved it!!!
(10/11/2017 8:53:50 PM)
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