Oct 10, 2017
Mrs. Rivkah Farkas, 93, OBM

Mrs. Rivkah Farkas, a Holocaust survivor and beloved proprietor of Singer's Grocery on Kingston Avenue for 40 years, passed away.

Mrs. Rivkah Farkas, a Holocaust survivor and longtime resident of Crown Heights, passed away on Tuesday, 20 Tishrei, 5778.

She was 93.

Mrs. Farkas, and her husband Mayer Farkas, were beloved figures in the Crown Heights community for many years, as owners of the Singer's - M and M Appetizers grocery store on Kingston Avenue between Montgomery and Crown Streets for 40 years.

Mrs. Farkas was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, who, along with her sister, helped her mother escape, and together they immigrated to the United States.

A longtime resident on Montgomery Street in Crown Heights, she and her husband remained in the neighborhood even while Jews of all types were fleeing in the 1960s, because the Rebbe instructed to stay.

As proprietors of a grocery store on the neighborhood's main avenue, she and her husband would care for the children who waited for the school bus in the store, buttoning up their coats in the cold and not allowing them to purchase candy that did not bear a hechsher of which their parents approved.

When the children would ask Mrs. Farkas about the numbers on her arm, she would tell them it was her phone number, because she didn't want to upset them with the truth, she often told.

She was known as a very kind and generous person, and did many acts of Chesed in the store.

Her husband Mayer passed away 24 years ago.

The levaya will take place today, Tuesday, at Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park at 1 pm.

Shiva will be until Thursday morning at 1363 east 27th St., Brooklyn.

Baruch Dayan Ha'emess.

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Such a lovely lady, we shopped there regularly. I can still picture Reb Mayer, Mrs. Farkas and their son behind the counter, with those amazing old posters on the walls!

Straight to Gan Eden for everything she suffered and for all that she did in CH.
(10/10/2017 11:25:09 AM)
Baruch Dayan Emes
Mrs Farkas was always a pleasure to deal with. May her neshama have the highest aliyah...
(10/10/2017 11:45:36 AM)
My favorite store , growing up. She was the same friendly lady until the end.we will all miss her!
(10/10/2017 12:11:06 PM)
BS"D #1 you didn't mention the pickle barrels and Amen to 1 & 2
(10/10/2017 12:12:03 PM)
i knew her well , a real great woman
B D " H
(10/10/2017 1:33:14 PM)

Remember her, the family & store well. The large blocks of Halva & cheese they would cut to order & sell by weight. Very special lady. !
(10/10/2017 2:05:16 PM)
You beat me to It, Ah, the smell of the pickle barrles!
(10/10/2017 3:47:09 PM)
Hopefully Moshiach will arrive immediately.
If he is delayed,it would be appreciated if you would eventually update Shiva details.
(10/10/2017 4:26:00 PM)
will miss her
BD"E she was the sweetest woman. Its so sad.
(10/10/2017 7:31:55 PM)
Contact info?
Anyone have the contact info for her son who helped run the store in later years?
(10/10/2017 10:29:54 PM)
Yankel Todres

Both she and her husband were extraordinarily fine people. These are the people that the Aibeshter has in mind, when he proudly shows off his children. May they both rest in peace in Gan Eden, until they arise to reap their true reward at the time of Techiyas Hameisim.
(10/10/2017 10:57:54 PM)
When I was in beis Rivkah seminary ,before there was a dorm,and we had to shop and cook for ourselves....I used to shop there. She always had a friendly word to say and made me feel welcome. Then when I got married and lived in crown heights for a year, I continued shopping there....it was a friendly place. I can picture it still! And of course, the pickles....haven't thought of them in years but this reminded me.
She should have a lichtig gan eden
(10/11/2017 1:43:09 AM)
They did lots of chesed. Allowing people to grow bills there in their book and just kept giving food to feed families...
(10/11/2017 2:09:59 AM)
Shiva details
Shiva will be at
1363 East 27th street
From Motzei Shabbos -Thursday Morning
(10/11/2017 11:08:00 AM)
always thankfull to hashem
I was still in touch with her latter in her life, whenever you asked her has she is, her answer was "Hashem is good to me, I have my children and einiklech, and I thank the Hashem. Wonderfull lady
(10/11/2017 2:07:39 PM)
Her sons contact info
Yitzchok Farkas 1-917-328-3378
(10/14/2017 12:24:38 PM)
God bless.
I learnt a lot from her. I loved her.
The family are very kindly and good people.
Rella nyugodj bekeben. ❤
(11/3/2017 8:34:48 PM)
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