Oct 7, 2017
Jared & Ivanka's Sukkos at Chabad

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, along with their 3 children, celebrated Sukkos at Chabad of Washington DC.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner got to soak up some much-needed time with their children on Thursday, as they enjoyed a quick break from their manic day-to-day lives as White House senior advisors in order to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the Daily Mail reported.

Ivanka, 35, and Jared, 36, strolled their way to the nearby Friends of Lubavitch -Chabad Synagogue, directed by Shluchim Rabbi Levi and Nechama Shemtov, from their home in the upmarket D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama, with their children Arabella, Joseph and Theodore.

Jared Kushner was seen carrying a lulav in one hand - a closed frond of the date palm tree which is one of the four species used during the holiday, along with an Esrog in a box labeled "Esrogei Kfar Chabad" in Hebrew.

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Opinions and Comments
The Kedusha and wisdom they absorb in the Chabad Sukka will go with them into the Whitehouse.
(10/7/2017 8:31:23 PM)
To beautiful- hopefully.

Why no Kippa ?
(10/7/2017 8:35:34 PM)
Since when do we care about celebrities? Is this site becoming a new People Magazine? What kind of shtuss is this and why is it here?

These are 2 people with roles in government. Are they model Jews that we should emulate? No, clearly not! They why publicize this nonsense??
(10/7/2017 9:27:29 PM)
I love it when they celebrate holidays with the jews!!!!
(10/7/2017 9:33:25 PM)
Beautiful. What a Kidush Hashem.....But seriously, this is for real??
(10/7/2017 10:14:45 PM)
Great to see
Not everyone is frummer than thou
(10/7/2017 11:25:11 PM)
#3 to the most negative
Speak for urself. It's always nice to see people doung mitzvos and who should we emulate??you and your negativity.?
(10/7/2017 11:25:43 PM)
nice to see them going to shul and specially chabad... Keep it up and we hope to continue seeing u attending shul....
Why no yalmuke? Hes jewish plus in a shul.... Either thats just the outside and when he went in he put it on but not being a judge or anything i think its appropriate for him to come to shul with a kippa...
Although ivanka is tznious so thats something good too...
Keep it up but remember u are jewish and should be wearing a kippah but thank you for going to shul and to a chabad one
(10/8/2017 12:30:18 AM)
To #8
A kippah is not a Halacha. It's a minhag.
(10/8/2017 1:32:04 AM)
He couldnt afford a yanover?
I'm guesing he didn't buy his own and the chabad house gave it to him
(10/8/2017 2:14:56 AM)
cute baby
looks just like his 'zaidy' !
(10/8/2017 2:15:33 AM)
Big Z Schapiro
Thank you so much for sharing with us that's number 1 and number 2 all I can say is G-d bless the family and G-d bless the president of the United States :-)
(10/8/2017 3:20:36 AM)
To #10
He probably bentched in the sukka at home with the yanover and brought this one for halel
(10/8/2017 3:56:08 AM)
Some of the comments
This family are extremely brave. They have taken on the world and all you can do is snipe at them and stone them. What is it about you that makes it ok to harshly judge others who have come to help us. Why do you throw stones with such maliciousness whilst pretending to be so frum and good. I cannot understand how Jews have survived because u tear each other up. Gd bless the Kushners and the Trumps.
(10/8/2017 6:05:03 AM)
So beautiful
It’s very nice to see them observing sukkot!
(10/8/2017 6:42:12 AM)
Number 8
He probably put it on when he walked into the Shul
(10/8/2017 7:50:38 AM)
To #3
Clearly you are envious. Halevy you would head to shull if you were in their position. Currently you prob go to shull because you're afraid of people's judgment. People who are judgmental like you were in this post!! May you be zoche to be successful and fulfil your great human destiny like J and I.
(10/8/2017 7:56:52 AM)
To #8
Wearing a yarmulke is only mandatory in a shul or while doing any dovor shebikdusho.
See Shulchan Aruch
(10/8/2017 7:57:06 AM)
To #3
Dont open if ur not interested . Personally
I like to c this kiddush Hashem !!
Go Shemtovs!! Mechayil el Choyil!!
(10/8/2017 8:00:28 AM)
To 3
You are a real depressed person
The last time i looked this is a news site
This is the way people who come to our chabad houses look like
They love us they love yom to and most of all the love g-d
(10/8/2017 8:13:40 AM)
How absolutely wonderful
What knh a beautiful family. Going to Shul on sukkot for the world to see. Such respect Ivanka in modest dress and J with lulav n etrog! Kippah am sure donned in the synagogue. Please don't read article if you want to bash. Look at good in everything look with your right eye! It will make you a happier person:) well done shluchim!
Wish CH ladies were more respectful when attending their synagogue. Dress modestly no talking during services etc
Thank you
(10/8/2017 10:17:47 AM)
to #3
It's a huge kiddush hashem! These people in the public eye are seen doing outright mitzvos! How amazing is it, that instead of a regular "celebrity" pictures seen in the tabloids, there are pictures of them celebrating sukkos, for everyone to see!
(10/8/2017 10:28:36 AM)
I think it's nice to see that they care about Yiddishkit. She has done a lot and has changed her whole life. She's still learning and her respect for Yiddishkit is real.
(10/8/2017 11:42:21 AM)
if you have nothing nice to say...
look at yourself in a honest mirror....
gosh.... let live!

a good moed to all :)
(10/8/2017 11:46:18 AM)
We love you. Hope you continue going to shul to connect with Hashem, even if some unfortunate comments are penned by some of the internet spectators with nothing nice to say.
(10/8/2017 12:00:55 PM)
love it
thanks for posting - so so cool!
the other silly comments are so not chabad..justignore it.
(10/8/2017 12:59:54 PM)
Ivanka and Kate middelton
Ivanka and Kate should become friends. Pure class!!!
(10/8/2017 1:25:23 PM)
G-d bless Kushners And Trump
To no 3 negative. Of course you are one of the tzadikim Nistorim -TZADIK gomur mamosh. The Kushner are real role ,models to the outside world
(10/8/2017 1:29:05 PM)
to #3
Are you a Chabadnik? Clearly you have not internalized the Rebbe's teachings. Our mission is to embrace every Jew from every walk of life and ignite the Pintele Yid no matter where they are up to in their Journey of Yiddishkeit.
(10/8/2017 1:31:05 PM)
Tomorrow Monday some anti trump lefty so called rabbis are holding an anti Trump rally at NYC Trump Tower at 5 ave and 57 street. Some of us frum guys will go counter protest them. At 9 am. Gut moed.
(10/8/2017 1:51:13 PM)
Learn from ivanka
So famous! And respectful
(10/8/2017 4:44:21 PM)
About the yarmulka
It has become de'oraysa - see Shulchan Aruch Harav, no amaratzus please.
With regards to Jared, that's not for us to judge. As Chabad we accept all Yidden no matter their observance. Ahavas Yisroel.
(10/8/2017 5:09:35 PM)
yup they should become friends
as we know kate mittleton parents are orginally jews so even if they act like they aren't we know a yid remainds a yid in spite of what they think, and yes diana 's mother was jewish, they think they can change there religion, but we know that a yid remainds a yid, as far as l know kate, younger sister married a someone who's not jewish, but we don't know hashem ways, the world is funny, they try so hard to get the jew to change, but we know a pintle yid spark remains for generations, so many are coming back to hashem,it's amazing
(10/8/2017 6:55:32 PM)
Jared raises plenty money for lubuvutch
These are great people. Thank you Donald. Thank you for being in our side. You are a real good soul. Your daughter is lovely. Thank you so much all of you.
(10/8/2017 7:09:54 PM)
to #3
Well even if they are celebrities, why should that change the fact that we are proud to see Yiddeshe neshamos observing the holiday of Sukkos...
Kol hakavod Jared and Ivanka(and kids of course)
please only positive comments to be written on COL!
(10/8/2017 9:27:31 PM)
before you post about another Jew
think: would you say this to them in person if you were on shlichus? If not then you shouldn't post it
(10/8/2017 9:50:11 PM)
to 33
um where do you get your facts from? both kate and diana are not jewish...
(10/9/2017 3:27:12 AM)
kol hakavod Mr. kushner
(10/9/2017 8:20:14 PM)
So impressed
Beautiful pictures and Kiddush Hashem!
(10/9/2017 8:38:45 PM)
to #3
whats that suppsoed to mean
they are jewish and went to a chabad house
its a chabad news website
(10/10/2017 2:36:28 PM)
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