Sep 11, 2017
Domestic Violence Grant Renewed

New York City Council Member Mathieu Eugene visited the community to present funding for projects to combat domestic violence.

New York City Council Member Mathieu Eugene, whose District covers a portion of Crown Heights, visited the community to present a new allocation for the Council’s DOVE Initiative that is designed to combat domestic violence.

The past year’s grant, that was administered by Crown Heights Jewish Community Council in conjunction with Adai Ad, funded over a dozen meetings, workshops, webinars and conference calls that addressed many aspects of dealing with violence in a marriage, for victims, family members, rabbis and other first responders, as well as guidance on creating and nurturing healthy relationships.

The webinars and workshops are available online at and resources and related materials are also available at the website.

“Between the original participants and those who have listened to the webinars online, thousands of people have benefitted from the programs,” said Mrs. Devorah Krasnianski, Project Director, and architect of the series.

For the new program year, Mrs. Krasnianski is planning more webinars on different aspects of the topic, along with some multi-part series that will provide more in-depth guidance for singles, couples, families, and mashpiim how to build homes and marriages that are founded on positive values and how to avoid unhealthy relationships.

After each event, we received several emails and phone calls with further questions and issues. These also inspired the next events and articles.

After the conference call about “How does the parents’ marriage impact the children?”, Mrs. A called to state her resolve to work on her relationship skills and get herself and husband to therapy – for the sake of the children.

After the conference call about “How to Help a Loved One in an Abusive Marriage”, Y emailed that he finally understands how he can help his sister who is suffering in an abusive marriage. He felt equipped and knowledgeable about his role and what he should and should do.

After the conference call about “Men as victims of domestic abuse”, J emailed to say that he finally feels vindicated for the abuse he is experiencing, and has some resources to finally get the help he needs.

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Opinions and Comments
Great news
Keep up your amazing work,Devoiry!
We need this desperately in our community .
(9/11/2017 11:10:26 PM)
Good Stuff
Hope to see the money going in all the right directions.

Sometimes the words "abusive", "controlling", etc. are used too freely and the system becomes a means to end "fixable" marriages.

I hope this money helps a lot of people, those in need
(9/12/2017 12:40:21 AM)
great project
they did several events in the neighborhood last year.
(9/12/2017 1:02:47 AM)
it occur to me
that we have different asspects of the same label, such l will give you an ex, respect, now in my husband's eyes , what he calles respect doesn't mean any thing to me, but l call respect isn't even his mind, so there fore people have different meaning to the same term-this is a very hard situation
(9/12/2017 1:03:51 AM)
Response to #2
A terrible thing for an abused person to hear is they're using the word abuse too freely. Just putting it out there that this happens as welll. Glad there are new organizations in this community to get victims the help they need.
(9/12/2017 7:59:36 AM)
how do we listen to these workshops now
thank you for all these tools to bring wholeness to our families
Moshaich Now
(9/12/2017 9:46:48 AM)
To listen to past events
(9/12/2017 11:53:00 AM)
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