Sep 25, 2017
Will We Leave Chana in the Dark?

The parents of 10-month-old Chana, who is blind and in the US for treatment, update on her condition, and ask for your help.


As we have posted in the past, our 10 month old daughter Chana was born blind, and her only hope to see is a long and expensive process starting with a corneal transplant.

Here is the update: The good news is that the earlier stages of the treatments have been performed, and from what the doctors can see at this stage, it seems to be very successful and promising. However, the continuation of these treatments and surgeries are going to cost us more than we originally were told.

We have no words to express how grateful we are to the over 550 donors that - without even knowing who we are - have generously shared their hard earned dollars to give our daughter the gift of eyesight. It is their help that brought us to where we are today.

However, the funds raised up to this point are still $20,000 short from what we need to get her through the treatments.

We've come so far, and the doctors are so optimistic. There is no way we will stop here and not finish this miraculous treatment. So we turn to you once again to help us in any way you can to reach our goal.

Please donate generously at

Or send your tax-deductible check to: Tomchei Israel 626 East New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203.

With heartfelt wishes for healthy Nachas from all of your children
Chana's Parents

P.S. Although we are not signing our names, the Rabbonim involved know us personally. And we will send you a thank you letter with our real names and a update on the success of the surgery B'Ezrat Hashem.

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her name for tehillim, please
refua sheleima
(9/10/2017 12:16:45 PM)
B.H. There is a Retina Specialist in Manhattan Eye Hospital, who gave some sight to a woman who was stabbed in both eyes by her deranged boyfriend in 2013, and she became blind. This lady after 10 surgeries to re-build her eyes and repair Retinas, she is now able to see from one eye. This doctor is Dr. Ronald Gentile of Mount Sinai, 310 E. 14th St. I have the story in print, which appeared in The Daily Newspaper. Hatzlocha. You may contact me.
(9/10/2017 5:42:25 PM)
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