Sep 8, 2017
Ilford Remembers Its First Shliach

200 family members and friends gathered in England to mark the 20th yartzeit of veteran Shliach, Rev Aron Dov (AD) Sufrin OBM.

200 family and friends gathered together in the Chabad Centre of Gants Hill in Ilford, Essex, England, to mark the 20th yarzheit of the veteran Shliach, Rev Aron Dov (AD) Sufrin OBM.

He was a founding member of Hanholas Beis Lubavitch in London and Director of Education of the Lubavitch School system, which he served in excess of 4 decades. His many hours of personal yechidus with the Rebbe and many letters and guidance related to the moisad and many individuals and family throughout the community both in the UK and abroad is well known.

In 1976, with the encouragement of the chossid Rabbi Bentzion Shemtov, and the Brochos of the Rebbe, he moved with his wife Mrs. Hennie Sufrin to Ilford to establish their home and thereby sow the seeds for the successful Chabad Centres now flourishing across Essex.

He was joined by his son Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE, Exec Director together with his wife Devorah after their marriage in 1983, Head Shluchim to Essex, who have nurtured those early seeds planted by his parents into, Chabad Lubavitch Centres North East London & Essex, with two Chabad Centres.

One in Gants Hill, Ilford, where they currently serve, the second in Buckhurst Hill under the leadership of Rabbi Odom and Henny Brandman. The third in Epping is due to open next year. Services and activities continue in other surrounding areas across Essex down to Westcliff on Sea.

Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin thanked all for coming and joining in this momentous event. Guests included some of Rev Sufrin's zl former students from the early days of Lubavitch in London, going back to the 1960's Cheder classes and Gan Yisroel of which he was the founder, as well as the many beneficiaries of his wisdom and hospitality and care from the wider Essex areas.

Rabbi Eliyahu Sufrin, completed a siyum, with the hadran.

Rabbi Boruch Sufrin, Head of Hillel Academy in Los Angeles, delivered the key note address sharing which his father's desire to assist every individual younger through the schools, teenagers through clubs and camps, families through communal relationships. Each was based on authentic and relevant educational messages together with the guidance he received from the Rebbe. He never questioned whether the challenges sent to him was his to deal with, in his eyes all was sent from Hashem and was his shlichus.

The evening closed with Mrs. Janet Gold, making an appeal to join the new "buy a brick campaign" for the new Chabad Centre Gants Hill building due to open IYH in time for Rosh Hashonoh. She felt fit for the role as her parents Joe and Sadie Graham had been one of the first to purchase a brick for the original building bought for Lubavitch Foundation, Stamford Hill, London UK, brought in 1959.

Various other initiatives have been undertaken by provisions students to strengthen their commitment to Yidishkeit in honour of Rev Sufrin's 20th Yarzheit.

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a grateful teacher
An Ehrliche Yid who cared much for both his students and his staff. I had the privilege of teaching in his school for two years and enjoyed his guidance, his encouragement, his love for Torah....and his sense of humour. May he be a Meilitz Yosher for his family and his Mosdos. Mashaich Now
(9/10/2017 1:06:12 PM)
Moshe Brace
I remember with affection your dear father who I knew as Buddy very well indeed, we had many conversations together and the kind hospitality of your parents. They're Golden Memories not to be forgotten.
(9/10/2017 2:52:45 PM)
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