Sep 8, 2017
Today is the NY Democratic Primary

Crown Heights Jewish Community Coalition encourages residents to vote today in the New York Democratic Primary election.

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Coalition, a political action committee in Brooklyn, has announced its endorsements for the New York Democratic Primary on September 12.

Members of the PAC are Zaki Tamir, Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council; Rabbi Shea Hecht, chairman of the NCFJE organization; Chanina Sperlin, Vice President of Governmental Affairs at Crown Heights Jewish Community Council; Devorah Halberstam, Director of External Affairs of the Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights; Mica Soffer, Publisher of COLlive Media Group Inc.

These endorsements are based on the elected officials or those running for office based on their activities and interactions with the Jewish community in Crown Heights. Members of the PAC made the endorsements on a personal account and not in an official capacity of their jobs.

· Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio

· Public Advocate Letitia James

· Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez
Has a great track record of fighting crime and keeping our streets safe, while understanding the need to be fair to all New Yorkers. Has targeted gangs and other menaces to our community with high-quality arrests and prosecutions.

· New York City Council:

35th Council District Laurie Cumbo
Has helped our community with many resources – including building the Jewish Children’s Museum, helping Holocaust Survivors, providing access to Food Stamps and other benefits and providing programs to Seniors at the Shalom Center.

36th Council District Robert Cornegy
A good friend of Crown Heights and the Jewish people. Will play a leadership role in the City Council, representing Crown Heights North.

40th Council District Mathieu Eugene
Has helped our community with many resources – including his support of the Domestic Violence Prevention Program, by rebuilding parks in Crown Heights, and with programs for Seniors at the Shalom Center.

41st Council District Henry Butler
Has been Chairman of Community Board 3. Worked closely with the local communities to build new housing and to maintain positive relations among ethnic groups.

· New York Civil Court – Elena Baron
6 Judicial District (Brooklyn Ave and West past NY and Nostrand)

Important Note: The usual polling place at the St. Marks School corner President St. and Brooklyn Avenue has been closed. All residents who formerly voted at that location will now be voting at PS 161, Crown St. between New York Ave and Nostrand Ave.

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