Sep 1, 2017
L'Chaim: Durkin - Magoosky
Photos by Shmuel Amit

The L'Chaim of Chaim Yehoshua Durkin of Las Vegas, NV to Geulah Magoosky of France took place at Aliyah in Crown Heights.

Photos by Shmuel Amit

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Jacobson Family
Much mazal on your engagement. Yehoshua, my son Yossi has fond memories of you when you worked at ULYOP. Keep up the happiness!
(9/2/2017 11:05:10 PM)
montreal Chanowitzs
mazeltov ! dear choson and kallah

do u remember you once stayed with us,
and even signed our guest book?
very hearty MAZELTOV to you both, always and all ways:)
(9/5/2017 2:20:58 AM)
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