Aug 10, 2017
Montreal Mesivta Opens A Dorm

Mesivta Kerem Menachem of Montreal has recently acquired a dormitory, to accommodate students from out of town.

Mesivta Kerem Menachem of Montreal has recently acquired a dormitory, to accommodate students from out of town.

Founded in 2010, the Mesivta caters to the needs of the local boys and fills a tremendous void in Mesivta Yeshivas, standing out with its unique approach to hands on learning and uniquely tailored curriculum that suits every bochur’s learning ability.

"Our incredibly devoted staff is committed to fostering and developing within each talmid a love for learning and yiddishkeit," Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Gershon Zirkind says.

The staff-to-student ratio allows for an almost one on one learning experience when necessary, Zirkind says. "This system ensures that every bochur will grow at his own pace to his maximum potential."

The Mesivta also places focus on enhancing academic skills and emphasis on middos tovos in a caring and positive environment.

The school is now expanding, to provide the same experience to boys from out of Montreal as well.

The school has acquired a dorm for the coming school year 2017-2018, so that they can allow students from all over to experience their one-of-a kind approach to learning that will enable them to grow and flourish. For more information please contact Rabbi Gershon Zirkind 438-877-8631.

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Opinions and Comments
We love Rabbi Zirkind
Best mesivta
(8/10/2017 8:02:22 PM)
Much Hazlocha!
The devotion to each and every child is outstanding! if only other Mesivtas would do the same.
(8/10/2017 8:25:13 PM)
Hatzlacha rabba
Wishing the mesivta much hatzlacha with the new dorm and a great year of learning and growing!
(8/10/2017 8:44:22 PM)
Rabbi G. Zirkind
A special person one of a kind!
from someone who knows
Much Hatzlacha
(8/10/2017 8:51:44 PM)
reouven elharrarfamilly Montreal
Rabbi Zirkin he is EMET LA AMITO
(8/10/2017 9:09:01 PM)
Best mesivta ever!!!
Thank you rabbi zirkind for being the best rabbi ever! Thank you for being there for us when we needed you most and without you I couldn't have done it!
(8/10/2017 10:25:13 PM)
One of a kind
We are extremely lucky to have mechanchim with such devotion and care in our community. Hatzloche!!
(8/11/2017 9:56:06 AM)
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