Aug 10, 2017
Sydney Shul Ban Reversed

The decision to ban a new Synagogue in Sydney due to a 'terror threat' is reportedly set to be reversed in the wake of widespread outrage.

A local council who blocked the building of a synagogue it deemed a 'terror threat' is reportedly set to backflip on its decision in the wake of widespread outrage, the Daily Mail reported.

Waverley Council last week blocked an application for the new synagogue at Bondi, in Sydney's east, claiming the building of worship could be targeted by terrorists.

The council's decision was slammed in the days following, with widespread anger on social media and a major rally planned by conservative Jewish activist Avi Yemini.

But Waverley Council seemingly bowed to the growing weight of public pressure on Wednesday, with Mr Yemini claiming the municipality has reached an agreement that will see the synagogue built as originally planned.

Having campaigned heavily for the synagogue to be approved, Mr Yemini told Daily Mail Australia the decision showed 'common sense had prevailed'.

The Waverley Council and the Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe held a without prejudice meeting on Wednesday to discuss the proposed synagogue and apartments.

Present from Waverley Council were the Mayor, Acting General Manager and senior planning staff.

Present from the Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe included Rabbi Yehoram Ulman, Rabbi Eli Feldman, and Rabbi Eli Schlanger along with their town planning advisor and architect.

Rabbi Ulman welcomed the Councils offer to meet again to discuss a new application for a similar development and was heartened to hear from Council that a synagogue is an acceptable use for a building on the land.

Rabbi Ulman said The meeting today was positive and we look forward to working with Waverley Council to address issues raised in the Land and Environment Court judgement. All going well, we may have development approval in place as soon as December.

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Opinions and Comments

(8/10/2017 8:33:08 AM)
Aussies should give extra support and assistance, if anything, to really give the Muz a message whose side they are on.
(8/10/2017 10:52:05 AM)
Rabbi Ulman rocks!
There is no other Like rabbi Ulman !
Rabbi Ulman yoy deserve the right to have your Shul built where you can continue to focus on helping hundreds of people as you allready do!
You are one of the most incredible rabbis in the world!
You care about every single Jew that calls you without any prejuidice. You are a true example of ahavas yisroel
You deserve only the best
Eli Shlanger , your the second best!!!!!
(8/10/2017 5:15:13 PM)
Tremendous credit goes to Rabbi Shmully Feldman who coordinated the meeting and to Rabbi Eli Geldman who mediated. Kol Hakavod to them and everyone involved on a wonderful reversal of the situation!!
(8/10/2017 7:11:30 PM)
It's right to approve.
Could you imagine that this precedent-setting decision could override all future development due to terrorist threat. Are we supposed to bow to any and all pressure and burry our heads in the sand??!!
(8/12/2017 10:50:21 PM)
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