Aug 9, 2017
Brothers' Emotional Visit at Auschwitz

Two Chabad Yeshiva students met two brothers visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp. The encounter ended up moving them all.

By COLlive reporter

Chabad bochurim Mendel Brandwine and Dovid Teichtel, on Merkos Shlichus in Krakow, Poland, are visiting homes and businesses to bring Jewish awareness to local Jews.

The two are in Krakow, the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, assisting Shliach Rabbi Eliezer Gurary, who suggested they make the hour-long trip to the concentration camp in Auschwitz to meet fellow Jews and offer them a chance to do a Mitzvah.

When they arrived at the horrific site where scores of Jews were tortured and murdered, they met two brothers visiting the camp with their mother.

The Chabad bochurim asked if they were Jewish.

The answer was yes.

The bochurim then asked if they had ever put on Tefillin.

The answer was no.

So right there, in the very place where the Germans had tried to extinguish the Jewish flame, the two reaffirmed that the Jewish faith is still alive, by having a Bar Mitzvah and putting on Tefillin for the first time.

"We sang 'Siman Tov U'Mazel Tov' and danced together," the bochurim told COLlive. "We were all very moved and inspired by the emotional event."

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Really special,
well they already have beards for some reason, so let's go for Geulah Schleima H'mitis!
(8/9/2017 11:25:18 PM)

Put a tefillin booth up and make a Chabad House there.The world leaders knew what was going on while six million died.Now is the opportunity to publicize what the nations off the world did.Let Trump get off his rump get Rubashkin out and make All the concentration camps historical landmarks and get the Jewish land back that Poland stole.Thousands of lawyers are ready to file claims against those countries that murdered and stole our land.
(8/10/2017 12:09:32 AM)
Kerp on giving the Rebbe Nachas.
Thank you for sharing
Much Hatzlacha Mendel and Dovis
(8/10/2017 5:37:26 AM)
That's beautiful!!
(8/10/2017 5:58:24 AM)
Only a Chabadnik!!!!!
How beautiful!!!!!
This is the best antidote to the murderous anti-semites!!!!
We are all alive and continuing the Jewish Traditions!!!!
Never miss a golden opportunity to touch a Jew!!!!
(8/10/2017 6:38:58 AM)
Not scores MILLIONS
Millions were murdered!
(8/10/2017 9:03:42 AM)
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